Cut Bank Lady Wolves volleyball coach Kelsey Brown, far right, and her squad are huge supporters of the ‘BuckleUpBlue4Lauryn’ program and encourage community members to attend the Dec. 9 presentation by Pat Goldhahn of Fairfield. Goldhahn is the father of the late Lauryn Goldhahn who died in 2016 from injuries she sustained in a car crash. He chronicles how the family’s life changed when Lauryn decided not to buckle up that day.

Pat Goldhahn of Fairfield will return to Cut Bank on Monday, Dec. 9, to share his presentation, #BuckleUpBlue4Lauryn. The presentation will begin at 7 p.m. in the Cut Bank High School auditorium and is open to the public. All community members are encouraged to attend. 

Goldhahn gave the presentation with Cut Bank Middle and High School students last month and was asked to come back to share his family’s story with the entire community. CBMS and CBHS students are also welcome to attend to hear the presentation again.

Goldhahn will share the tragic story of how one simple decision made by his daughter altered their lives forever. Lauryn, who was 15 and a student at Fairfield High School, died in a car accident in 2016. She was not wearing a seatbelt when the vehicle she was in crashed just outside of Fairfield.

 “Many volleyball teams from around the state have come together for the Goldhahn family, showing love, care, and support,” explained Cut Bank Lady Wolves volleyball coach Kelsey Brown. “ The Red Lodge Volleyball team initially started the #buckleupblue4Lauryn campaign and since that point Pat and his family have been sharing their story to help raise seat belt awareness.”    

Brown is a close family friend of the Goldhahns. “Pat shares his gut wrenching story that will forever change your life. He shares the story from the moment of the phone call to his current situation, and how his life has been altered since the day Lauryn chose not to wear a seatbelt,” said Brown, who encourages families and community members to attend the presentation.

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