After nearly 50 years in the construction business in Cut Bank, Pat Coryell, right, isn’t quite ready to retire, but he is ready to move to the Belgrade area with his son and business partner, Aaron. The Bozeman-Belgrade area is booming, both in construction and opportunities for both Coryells to be closer to family . “My kids are the main motivation for doing this,” said Aaron.

When Pat Coryell graduated from Cut Bank High School in 1971, he did what most kids do and found some work for the summer. It was construction work. That summer started Pat’s career in construction, whether he knew it at the time or not.

It has been 48 years since that first construction job and Pat has had his hands, literally, in that line of work for just about the whole time. There were times when he worked for someone else and other times when he was the boss and a few brief times when he took some time off. But for the most part, it has been construction keeping this man busy for years. 

In 1996, he decided it was time to be his own boss all the time and Coryell Construction was born. And it was 10 years ago when his son Aaron decided he wanted to work side-by-side with his dad, making Coryell Construction a true family business.

This father-son duo does all types of construction work, both inside and outside–from residing homes to residential and business remodeling jobs. But their main bread and butter in the summer months has been roofing jobs.

Most of their work has been in and around the Cut Bank area…until now.

As the summer draws to a close, the work in our area being done by the Coryell “boy” will also come to a close. By the end of August, they plan on living and working in the Belgrade area, leaving their roots and a good construction legacy behind in Cut Bank. 

“There is a lot of opportunity for the work we do in the Belgrade-Bozeman area,” Pat said. “We have family there too, so being closer to them is another reason to make the move.” 

Pat’s other two children, Tony and Amy live in Bozeman and Belgrade, respectively.

Belgrade also offers new experiences for Aaron’s two children, Kane, who is five years old and Vaun who is almost two.

“I feel like this is the right time for us to make something of this opportunity,” Aaron added. “I am excited for the kids and what this move will mean for them and all the things they will get to do there. My kids are the main motivation behind doing this.”

In Cut Bank, working construction outside is limited to a few months out of the year. “The weather is better in Belgrade,” Aaron said. “We can actually work 12 months out of the year and even if the weather is cold, there is not as much wind as we have here, so we can get more done and work more of the year.”

“We can say goodbye to the wind, finally,” Pat said.

Both guys will work full-time when they get there, probably working with another contractor until they can get their name out there. Once word of mouth happens and it is realized these two do good work, they will more than likely set up their own business and Aaron will take the lead as the boss, this time.

“I hope to slow down a little in the future, but until then, I want to help Aaron get established and work with him until he is ready to be out on his own and hopefully, have his own crew at that point,” Pat said.

Pat was born and raised in Cut Bank and following his first summer of construction, he worked for a number of other bosses, including Jordan Gilbert at the old Buttrey’s store and Art Anderson, who had a number of general construction jobs Pat worked with him on. 

When he started his own business in 1996, he was more than ready to take the reins and put Coryell Construction to work. 

Aaron is a 1999 Cut Bank High School graduate, who was also born and raised here in Cut Bank. Following high school graduation, he moved to Great Falls and stayed there for the next 10 years. 

“I returned to Cut Bank in 2009 to help with a siding job my dad was working on and it seemed like it just worked out for me to stay,” Aaron shared.

From some of the work Aaron did while in Great Falls, he brought some new roofing ideas and materials back to his dad for all the roofing jobs they were getting at that time. 

“I wouldn’t have been doing any of that without Aaron,” Pat stated. 

It was not long after Coryell Construction was named a new business in Cut Bank, that word got out about not just what they were doing for work, but how well they were doing it.

“We made our own name and the work we were doing spoke for itself,” Aaron said. “We plan on doing the same thing down in Belgrade, making our own name and letting the good work we do, speak for itself.”

Neither Coryell will miss the wind of Cut Bank, but they both admitted they will miss the people of this fair town. 

“There are a lot of familiar faces we know here and a lot of people we have done work for and we will miss those people as well as the friends we have made,” Pat said. 

“It will be hard to leave this world, which is our comfort zone. But if you are not willing to take a risk, then you limit everything in your life,” Aaron said. 

It was a risk for Coryell Construction in the beginning and that worked out very well. Moving to another city and starting up a new job, is another huge risk, but is one worth taking and one that will work out equally as well for this hard-working, father-son construction team.

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