Amy Overstreet, right, is leaving the Chamber in good hands as she embarks on a new career as Executive Director of the Cut Bank Education Foundation and Alumni Association. Her successor, Erin Kittson has served as Overstreet’s assistant for the last 18 months and has extensive experience in working on several Chamber projects and campaigns.

The Cut Bank Area Chamber of Commerce is ready to roll into the New Year and with lots of changes happening in 2020. 

The first of those is the change in leadership. 

For over 11 years, Amy Overstreet has been at the helm of the Chamber acting as its Executive Director. She has not only been instrumental in getting the Chamber to a great spot financially, but she has also put the Chamber on the map as a quality, well-run organization committed to helping the businesses and the community of Cut Bank succeed and step into the future.

“One of the favorite aspects of my job was getting to ‘show off’ Cut Bank to outside residents. I believe a lot of people who have never been to Cut Bank, have an incorrect or under appreciated opinion of our community,” Amy said. “Cut Bank is a vibrant and charming town with the best people in the state living here. It has been my pleasure to showcase our area and awesome community members to all of the out-of-area visitors we work year-round to draw into Cut Bank.”

Last month, Amy left her position at the Chamber to take  on a new position as Executive Director of the Cut Bank Education Foundation and Alumni Association. Amy feels confident the Chamber will continue its success into the future as Erin Kittson takes over as the new Executive Director.  

Erin has been with the Chamber for over a year and a half, working side-by-side with Amy as the Office Assistant. She not only tackled a number of office administrative tasks and clerical duties, but she also helped Amy with marketing efforts and took over the Shop Cut Bank campaign. 

Along with that, she has been busy “developing print and social media advertising and content and has been an essential part of the planning and organizing of the amazing events and projects the Chamber hosts throughout the year,” she added.

Erin has also spent two summers working at the Visitor’s Center, learning and understanding its importance to this community and the visitors it serves and realizing why the grants are necessary to keep it open for the summer months. 

Having gained knowledge of many of the Chamber functions and duties, Erin seemed like a logical and perfect fit for the Executive Director position. And the Board of Directors thought as much when they voted her in. 

“I am excited to take on this new adventure,” she stated. “Especially knowing I will have a great Board of Directors and volunteers to work with. Amy assured me she is only a phone call away and very willing to advise to make this transition smooth.”

Several Board members have completed their term(s) and a few others are no longer interested in continuing to volunteer their time as Board members. That means a number of new Board members will be joining this efficient group starting on Jan. 1.

Those making up the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors include, (in alphabetical order) Stephanie Eney, Rhonda Grainger, Don Grubb, Jessica Hedges, Nate Kavanagh, Tim Kipp, JR Myers, Kristi Rowell, Jenika Sammons, Bryan Simons and Calcie Stubbs. 

New officers for the Chamber will be voted in at the January meeting.

Amy said the Board is a diverse and engaged group and one that she is very happy about. “They bring in some new, fresh energy and will put the Chamber into some new and exciting directions,” she said. 

She and Erin are counting on this Board to continue the valuable and efficient work they have done in the past and to keep the Chamber moving forward in not just 2020, but into the years to come as well. 

The position at CBEFAA that Amy is filling, is being vacated by Nicole Altenburg, who has been the Executive Director there for the past several years. “I am excited to join this successful and functional organization,” Amy said.

While a new venture awaits Amy, she can look back at her years with the Chamber and be proud of the work she has done and the groundwork she has laid for the future. 

“I have loved working with the business community and residents in Cut Bank to keep Cut Bank moving forward and to be able to use my position with the Chamber to keep Cut Bank a great place to live, work and visit. I have been blessed with 11-plus years of talented and generous board members to work along side with,” she shared. “It has truly been a blessing for me and my family to be able to work with he Chamber for this long.”

Erin plans to follow the lead of her predecessor and keep Cut Bank moving in a positive direction. 

“I plan to continue the ongoing economic progress started by Amy and the Chamber Board. I look forward to partnering with local businesses and driven individuals to bring the greatest possible benefits to this town. And I plan to keep the community up-to-date with any new and exciting events and ventures coming up,” shared Erin.

“I love how passionate the Chamber is about the overall success of the community. Not to mention the commitment to keep Cut Bank moving forward,” she concluded. 

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