In unofficial results, voters in the first Blackfeet Primary Election to be held during a global pandemic advanced incumbents from three districts while Old Agency Position #9 will feature two challengers in the General Election.

Blackfeet Chairman Timothy “Kink” Davis claimed the top spot in Browning Position #1, garnering 486 votes while challenger James “Jim” McNeely also advanced to the General with 309 votes.

In Heart Butte Position #5, incumbent Terry Tatsey received 458 votes. He will be challenged by Virgil Clyde Last Star who got 418 votes.

Moving on to Seville Position #7, challenger Lauren Monroe Jr. took top honors with 347 votes, and he will face incumbent Carl Kipp who received 308 votes.

Finally, in Old Agency Position #9, Tony Sinclair Sr. will face off against Marvin Weatherwax Jr., each having received 415 and 406 votes respectively.

The Blackfeet General Election will be held on Tuesday, June 30.

A list of all the candidates and their results follows.

Browning Position #1

* Timothy Francis “Kink” Davis 486

* James “Jim” McNeely 309

Sheldon Lawrence Ground 272

Roy Roger Crawford 203

Patrick “Pat” Schildt 193

Timothy James “Tim” Sure Chief 191

Joseph John “Joe” McKay 177

Ronald “Ron” Kevin Trombley 112

Patricia J Jaybird Calf Looking 96

Bruce Allen Running Crane 94

Joseph Allen Kipp 89

William James “Jim” Polk 88

Tammy Jean Boyiddle 75

Wendy L. Bullchild 73

Angelina Plume Kipp 57

Carter Lee Gallineaux Sr. 53

Carl “Littleman” George Pepion 48

Leroy J. Oldmanchief 24

William L. “Bill” Cadotte 21

Heart Butte Position #5

* Terry Joseph Tatsey 458

* Virgil Clyde Laststar 418

David F. Spotted Eagle 371

Adrien Owen Wagner 323

Christy Lynn Horn 204

Clarence F. Googs Comes At Night 195

Darrell E. “Dusty” Crawford 160

Clifford Braidman Tailfeathers 151

Harold J. Calfrobe 139

Emerald Fred “Beep” Grant Jr. 122

Sheldon D. Williamson 118

F. “Frosty” Calf Boss Ribs 81

Seville Position #7

* Lauren James Monroe Jr. 347

* Carl Dennis Kipp 308

Victor Lee “Vic” Hall 248

Ronald “Ron” Rides At The Door 241

Percy Julian Gobert 240

James “Jimmy” St. Goddard 233

Michael Joseph “Mike” Loring 177

William “Poly” Grant 130

Delphine Bird 120

William “Bill” G. Old Chief 116

Wayne A. Hall 105

Craig Lee Falcon 97

Frederick “Fred” Guardipee 81

Candace L. “Candycarl” Wagner 76

Leon Vielle 72

David Lee Mountain Chief 69

Glen M. Still Smoking 59

George Melvin Westwolf 31

Old Agency Position #9

* Tony Sinclair Sr. 415

* Marvin Richard Weatherwax Jr. 406

Donna M. Wilson 293

Ronald “Smiley” Kittson 278

Roland Kennerly Jr. 277

Ervin C. Carlson 259

Terry J. “TJ” Show 242

Richard C. Humphrey Rutherford 217

Cheryl L. Katoosakii Littledog 158

Wanda Sue Wagner 101

Robert Dale “Bobby” Dulbray 78

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