The Glacier County Commissioners figured they’d seen the last bill from Bob Denning and Denning, Downey and Associates, CPAs, after the county’s financial consultant severed ties with the County in March. But at their May 16 meeting in Cut Bank, Commissioners Tom McKay and John Overcast were presented with a claim for $3,157.20 from DDA for “services rendered” March 21-April 26. 

According to Overcast, the Commissioners didn’t approve the claim or payment at last week’s meeting. 

Denning billed Glacier County $1,290 for “prep 2.5 hours and meeting 3.5 hours with the AG’s (Attorney General’s) Office at the request of the AG and the County Attorney. Meeting was in my office.” This charge was dated March 21.

On March 22 he billed Glacier County $129 for a “consulting” phone call with County Attorney Terryl Matt.

Denning billed an additional $1,290 on April 26 for “meeting with the State AG opinion. Appointment approved by Terryl (Matt).” He also billed a $147.20 for meals and mileage to Missoula on that day.

The claim included a charge of $107.50 for “consulting” on a “call with DCI (Department of Criminal Investigation) and a charge of $86 for consulting during a “legal call from Kirk Everson (Evenson), who is a Great Falls attorney representing Glacier County.

The remaining $107.50 of the bill was for “printed copies of reports for Bob’s (Denning) meeting.

Claims of interest approved by the Commissioners last week included a $4,890 claim from Dodd, Blackford, Carls, PC, the Bozeman-based law firm representing Glacier County in the lawsuit filed by School District No. 15. 

According to the March invoice submitted by the firm, which bills at $300 per hour, the firm billed for:

•Call with Bob Denning on his “anticipated resignation, Don badmouthing of his firm, and ‘loan’ from Browning School District to the County; Follow up text to Bob re: meeting”

•Multiple texts and emails coordinating “meeting with Commissioners and Bob Denning.”

•“Legal research re: loan,” reviewing and drafting documents, drafting letter to Montana Association of Counties regarding coverage, meetings and calls with county officials, reviewing Cut Bank Pioneer Press.

The Commissioners approved a $4,647.50 invoice from Rita Neuman, for 71.5 hours of contract work for work done on the Glacier County EMS accounts for the time period April 25-May 4 and May 5-9.

In April, the Com-missioners issued two payments to Neuman. The first was for $5,996.25 for EMS consulting services from March 29-April 11. The second, issued April 26, totaled $6,012.50. Both payments were made from the County’s Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) fund.

The Commissioners also reimbursed Interim CFO Chancy Kittson $1,500 for Neuman’s retainer on April 1.

The Commissioners al-so approved a $1,330 payment to Magda Nelson, the consultant hired to assist Treasurer Don Wilson.

Chairman Michael Des-Rosier didn’t attend last week’s Cut Bank meeting and had requested the agenda be cleared for the meeting, with the exception of signing payroll and claims.

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