Gail Davis was honored by the Cut Bank Area Chamber of Commerce as this year’s Citizen of the Year. In presenting the award, longtime friend and Chamber board member Nicole Altenburg offered this tribute:

 For over 35 years I have had the pleasure of working and playing with Gail on many amazing and passionate projects in our busy town. She is always ready to help in a moment’s notice and she does it with a smile on her face. She truly has a good sense of humor, sound morals and is true of heart when she dives into a project.  When she is passionate about something watch out because she is on a mission and will not quit until it is complete. 

Gail is a master of fundraising and she is a quiet soldier in our community and does her good deeds without needing praise from others as it just makes her heart happy to just do the extra things that make people feel assisted, happy and fulfilled. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people on a daily basis that she lifts their spirits by her encouraging texts, funny jokes and warm hugs.  I have been on the receiving end of her thoughtful ways and it was just what we needed to get through our day and feel blessed that she is in our corner.

Gail donates many hours of her valuable time to worthwhile projects and activities in our community all while taking incredible care of her mother.  Her resume of volunteering projects is long and active and some of her passions include: Helping with anything in her Presbyterian Church that needs to be done, helping her mother and anyone else that needs help setting up at the Farmer’s Market.  She is the one of the liaisons for the Hi-line Women Against Breast Cancer, the Cut Bank Animal Shelter, the KidPack program, a Moose and WOTM member and on the Northern Rockies Medical Center board. 

She is makes sure everything is organized, runs smoothly for events such as the Rocky Mountain Elks Foundation banquet, Lewis & Clark Chili Cook off and announcing the Guns and Hoses softball game, which is a fundraiser for the Kidpack program. 

If there is anything to do with sports, Gail is one of the first people in line to help and expose anyone- no matter what age, to get out and try it and become active.  She is patient with everyone and always has helpful and constructive tips so that they can enjoy it to the fullest.  

Gail has touched and influenced so many lives over the years. At the Cut Bank Golf Course, she has been the president of the course board, president of the Ladies league and one of the Junior Golf League coaches.  She has been a volunteer for youth volleyball and softball as a referee, an officer of Wednesday ladies league bowling and has helped with Hunter’s Safety. 

Gail’s biggest passion has to be volleyball. She has been a referee for over 30 years and has been selected to officiate at countless District, Divisional and State tournaments.  So many student athletes from all over the Golden Triangle know Gail as someone that is always pulling for them and willing to help them with anything they need. 

The above examples are just a few of the many contributions that she makes to our community and we are truly blessed that she is a born and raised Cut Bank girl. 

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