If there is one thing that Louie and Kim Stoltz are most proud of doing with their business, Cut Bank Creek Brewery, is helping grow the community they love.

If there is another thing they are proud of, it is using Montana products to make their quality, well-known and well-loved, crafted beers sold at Cut Bank Creek Brewery. 

“No doubt, some of the barley we are using for our beers, is grown by a local farmer, someone we know,” said Kim. “That makes us a true farm-to-table establishment.”

But wait, there is one other thing this business pair is also proud of and that is how they listen to their customers at the Brewery. Thanks to doing that, they are now offering a couple more things at the Brewery, wine and hard ciders. 

How are they able to do that? They got a new “retail” license, which allows them to add wine and hard ciders to their menu and it allows them to change their operating hours too.

“What we heard often is how much people enjoyed the Brewery’s atmosphere, but they just aren’t a beer drinker,” Kim said. “So, in an effort to meet the desires of all, we were able to obtain a retail license. This license will enable us to control our hours and also be able to serve other alcohol besides handcrafted beer.”

She added, “We have no intention of being a ‘bar’ where there is gambling. We want to continue to keep the family friendly Brewery atmosphere while enjoying a few additional drink options.”

Along with wine, a house white from Oregon and house red from California, there will be a couple new hard ciders added to the menu as well. “We will be introducing Cut Bank to handcrafted Montana ciders. We will have a cider from Western Cider and one from Montana CiderWorks and will have a tangerine hop seltzer from Upslope Brewery in Colorado,” Kim shared. 

All of this wonderful “newness” is now on tap.

The same great, handcrafted beer will also be available, with some new additions being added there too. “When we opened two years ago, we had five beers on tap. As of today, we have 12!” Kim said. “Some beers have stayed on tap from the beginning, like Penguin Piss and others are seasonal and others will come and go. We want to continue to expose our customers to the big world of craft beer.”

Kim said this week is a big week for new beers at the Brewery. “We will put our chokecherry beer on tap, where most of the 200 pounds of chokecherries we use were picked by our customers! Another new style of beer being introduced this week, is a Cream A Creamale, which is an American style of beer that is light in color that was first crafted at various breweries in the United States in the 1800s.” 

Even with the new license allowing some changes at the Brewery, Kim said they “don’t expect our customers to notice a difference except for the wine drinkers. The change in license does, however, enable us to serve after 8 p.m., which will be especially exciting in the summer and it will allow us to cater events now too. We are looking forward to hosting events like wedding receptions and office parties.”

Winter hours for the Cut Bank Brewery will be 4-8 p.m. on Tuesday through Thursday and Noon-9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. 

And if you want food with your beverages, remember the food truck, Messy Apron, is still open and ready to serve some fantastic food. “The Messy Apron has been at the Brewery now for a year and has been doing a lot of expanding too with the addition of a brick pizza oven. They are open the same hours as the Brewery and as we all know, nothing is as good as beer and pizza!”

Coming on Oct. 17, the Brewery will host an event sponsored by Great Falls Development, that Kim said is a “pitchfest for people to come and talk about business ideas and to create an angel investment network. Great Falls Development was so very helpful to us in developing our business plan and they too, believe in Cut Bank.”

The Brewery also hosts a number of regular events each month too. The first Saturday of the month is Pop-Up, the second Friday of the month is Open Mic, Trivia is every Wednesday starting again on Sept. 25 and painting with Yvette is the third Tuesday of each month. 

“All of these events and Beer for a Cause are listed on our website at cutbankcreekbrewery.com, so you can sign up there or check out the event calendar,” she said. “Also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up on what is happening.”

It was June of 2017 when the Brewery first opened. Kim and Louie wanted to open their business “to invest in Cut Bank. We could see all the good here. The good people of Cut Bank needed and wanted a place to gather and we have provided that for them. We want to grow Cut Bank.”

What they got back from opening their business, was truly what made them smile. “One of the unexpected parts has been how much people have given back to us. People’s enthusiasm in getting the business up and going, helping in all kinds of ways, again showing how great Cut Bank people are. They had the ability to see how a brewery would benefit the community and they were willing to help in any way they could.”

She added, “I think it has also encouraged others to take a risk and invest in Cut Bank, which was a hope for sure, but to see it happen, is exciting!”

It is all good at the Cut Bank Creek Brewery, between what is new and what has always been. Stop in, bring a friend, have a beer, try a cider, sip a glass of wine and enjoy what has always made this place special, the people and the atmosphere.

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