During the spring of 2018 Cut Bank Elementary, Middle School, and High School students participated in required testing for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The testing results were not released until spring of 2019, and most schools, including Cut Bank, saw mixed results. Cut Bank Schools have placed a link on our website (www.cutbankschools.net) where the public can access our ESSA letter, Cut Bank’s testing results and all Montana Schools test results. 

The Cut Bank Schools staff work diligently in an effort to ensure all students have the opportunity to obtain success. While all students did not reach proficient and advanced marks, all of our students are showing growth each year on our local assessments. 

The Cut Bank Curriculum developed through the Golden Triangle Curriculum Consortium (GTCC) has been aligned with the common core, and the new testing process is also aligned with the common core benchmarks and standards. 

Testing results are skewed by the very fact that testing does not take into account at what level each student enters school. In Cut Bank Schools, we place much more value in the local testing results we perform each spring and fall in our elementary schools. This testing allows us to see growth in students rather than one snapshot of standardized testing. 

The following are some of the results from last year’s ESSA testing.

•H.C. Davis Elementary School students tested at 50% proficient and advanced in reading and 38% proficient and advanced in math.

•Anna Jeffries students tested at 41% proficient and advanced in reading and 35% proficient and advanced in Math. 

•Cut Bank Middle School students tested at 40 % proficient and advanced in reading, 35% proficient and advanced in Math, and 67% proficient and advanced in science.

•Cut Bank High School students tested at 35% proficient and advanced in reading, 32% proficient and advanced in math, and 33% proficient and advanced in science. 

•Hidden Lake, Glacier, Zenith, and Horizon elementary schools all show similar numbers as our schools in town with reading showing slightly lower at the Colony schools. 

The numbers do not tell the whole story because testing results are all about who draws the lines of success. While most of Montana showed varied to low success in the ESSA testing, Montana middle school students perform very well on the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP). 

Cut Bank Schools are constantly working toward improvement, and this year some of the strategies and practices that will be new for the 2019-2020 school year will help improve our testing results.

Students in grades 6-12 will see a new math program selected by our math department. This program is aligned with the common core where the old series was not aligned. 

Cut Bank will again offer expanded services for students in need with the additional support of Jeredene Mayfield and Laureena Croff helping students find the support they need for success in school. 

Additionally, we will be fully staffed for the start of the 2019-2020 school year, and that will help us all tremendously! Harold (Tres) Genger will be joining our staff as Cut Bank High School Principal. Gail Hofstad did an admirable job last year as Principal in both the Middle School and High School, but there is too much work in both schools for complete success with one Principal. 

Our Central Office staff will be available this summer for questions, comments or concerns and school will begin again on Tuesday, Aug. 27. Have a great summer!

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