Marias River Livestock Association has two meet and greet sessions planned for Monday, April 12, to help introduce the community to the newest members of our area’s grizzly bear and predator management team. The first meet and greet will be held at the Whitlash Hall, in Whitlash, at 1 p.m. The second will be held at the Moose Hall, in Conrad, at 6 p.m. While the meeting is geared towards livestock owners, all members of the community are welcome. 

The year 2020 was a year of change for the Rocky Mountain Front grizzly bear management team. Grizzly bear specialist, Mike Madel, Choteau, left the employment of Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. Charles (Chad) White is the new replacement for Madel as the Region 4 Grizzly Bear Specialist. The following information was supplied by FWP. 

Long time USDA Wildlife Services employee, Mike Hoggan, Valier, retired in December 2020. His well-known friendly smile will be missed in our area. Another friendly face will be filling his shoes, Curt “Skippy” Sims is the new specialist for Pondera, Toole and Liberty counties.

Glenn Hall, who was hired in 2019, is the Wildlife Services specialist for the Blackfeet Reservation and Glacier County. Glacier County has a large amount of wolf and grizzly bear activity and livestock depredation. Having a Wildlife Service’s specialist living in the area helps with response time and knowledge of the landscape and ranchers. 

Dymond Running Crane is again a seasonal worker for Wildlife Services to help with preventative action, such as building electric fence. Marias River Livestock Association hopes you will come out and introduce yourself to these gentlemen. It is always good to meet them before you need their help. 

Also, Kraig Glazier, Western District Supervisor, USDA Wildlife Services, and Wesley Sarmento USFWS/MFWP Grizzly Bear Specialist, will also be there and full of information. These two will give short recaps of the past years depredation and actions in our area for each agency.

For more information please call Maggie Nutter, 406-937-2751.

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