Ms. Adler’s kindergarten students pose for a photo at Teton Pass Ski Resort. They enjoyed a beautiful day on the slopes learning how to ski.

Ms. Amanda Adler’s Kindergarten class had favorable weather and a lot of support as they prepared and ventured to the slopes of Teton Pass Ski Resort. Excited students received instruction on Thursday morning from Melissa Willis regarding use of snow ski gear and what to expect when they would visit the resort the following day. Most interesting for many of the students were the ski goggles they were allowed to don. Rylee Wilden and Andie Hogsett enjoyed trying on one boot and one ski each and posing for the camera. 

Accompanied by chaperone parents, Collin Johnson, Amie Hogsett, Augustina Eagle Speaker, Shinnell Day Chief, Jennie Becker, Cole Peebles, and Ashley Mejia, the students attended Teton Pass Ski Resort on Friday for a day of fun in the snow. They received a lesson from ski instructor, RJ, as well as help from experienced parents. Jennie Becker reported that it was a fun day and hilarious teaching the kids how to walk with skis. 

Ms. Adler asked her ten students what the best part of their day was. The answers ranged from “my ski teacher teaching me” and “practicing,” to “the magic carpet” and “skiing down the hill.” The magic carpet is a moving sidewalk that takes skiers up the beginner hill. Several students proudly mentioned that their favorite part was skiing on their own. Ms. Eagle Speaker, or Miss Stina as the kids know her, said “It was a great day! Lailah (her daughter) wishes she had more time to ski!”

Barrett Bales also liked skiing, but he enjoyed a common ski hazard as well. He told his teacher his favorite part was’ “skiing by myself and crashing!”

A little more experienced on the hill than some of his classmates, Henry Becker decided to ride the lift by himself and ski the big run on his own. Henry’s mom, Jennie, was surprised to see him take off on his own. She reported, “It was a fun day. It was great!”

A ski trip was a new activity for the Kindergarten class. According to Amanda Adler, “it hasn’t been done in the school for many years. I organized it. Families each paid for their child. I couldn’t have done it without the chaperones. They were so much help. Thank you to all of them!”

Additional support came in the form of food. Milissa Kochel packed cold sack lunches for the group and Jennie Becker bought donuts in Choteau that were loved by all. The trip was a positive experience for the kids and if the students could vote, they would choose to have a ski trip year after year.

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