The Cut Bank Sharks swim team with coaches Becky Bohmer and Jeramiah Johnson and a first-place trophy.

Nine Cut Bank Sharks swimmers traveled to state the first weekend in August to put their races to the test against the best in the state. After a cold, 45 degree day on Saturday the team was able to pull off a huge win and they brought home the 1st place trophy for the first time since 2014.

Last year the Cut Bank team placed a proposal with the federation to add the mixed relay event. In these smaller towns it is hard to find four swimmers in the same age group and the same gender to make relays. By allowing the teams to have two males and two females in the relays we are able to get more races in for the meets. The Cut Bank 15-19 medley relay placed second in their event and earned themselves a trip to the podium.

With our season coming to an end, we are already looking forward to next summer and making plans to become faster, and more efficient in our strokes. We are always looking to add more members to our team also, so if you want to come help us defend our 1st place trophy next summer please come join us.

Here are the results for the weekend……

Caden Bird- 19th 25 meter free style, 21st 25 meter back stroke.

Dafani Bohmer- 17th 50 meter free style, 20th 100 meter free style, 4th 200 meter free relay.

Nateli Bohmer- 14th 50 meter breast stroke, 17th 100 meter free style, 12th 50 meter fly, 4th 200 meter free relay.

Stefani Bohmer- 7th 200 meter IM, 8th 400 meter free style, 4th 100 meter fly, 2nd 200 meter medley relay.

Kallen Fitzpatrick- 7th 200 meter IM, 9th 100 meter breast stroke, 10th 50 meter fly, 4th 200 meter free relay, 2nd 200 meter medley relay.

Lily Fitzpatrick- 8th 50 meter free style, 6th 100 meter free style, 5th 50 meter fly, 2nd 200 meter medley relay.

Gracie LaForge- 13th 50 meter free style.

Jahmiah Labrie- 1st 100 meter back stroke, 2nd 50 meter fly, 4th 200 meter free style, 4th 200 meter free relay, 2nd 200 meter medley relay.

Johsiah Red Fox- 23rd 50 meter free style, 14th 25 meter back stroke.

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