Kacie Fey and her Tratte Da mobile coffee specialty drink trailer made its debut at the Trunk or Treat event on Halloween. The trial run helped work out the kinks for its next stop...the Cut Bank Holiday Bazaar on Nov. 13. Check out these before and after photos

For awhile now, Kacie Fey has wanted to be mobile. Not her, exactly, but her coffee business, Latte Da.

For approximately 10 years Kacie has been conducting a successful coffee business out of the Latte Da coffee kiosk located on Main Street by Cut Bank Auto Body. While business has been “great,” as she said, she added, “I have been wanting to create a way to have my business be mobile too, being able to take my coffee on the road to different events.”

Knowing the kiosk was not going anywhere, Kacie started thinking of other ways she could make a mobile Latte Da. And she did just that with an old horse trailer. Kacie would have been the first to admit that idea was a bit out there. But then she started creating a vision in her head of what it could look like and decided she wanted to “try it.”

Kacie explained, “Everything that is in my shop had to be put inside the trailer in order to make it work.”  It was that vision that Kacie kept in mind as she and her husband Jess started making her mobile coffee idea come true.

“Jess and I make a good team. I have the vision of what I want, and he makes it come to life,” she said.

She purchased an old horse trailer from Rhonda Ledbetter. Then she got a hold all the right people who gave her lists of things that would have to be done to make the horse trailer usable as a mobile coffee kiosk.

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