The front lawn of the East Glacier Park Lodge makes for a perfect finish line, and this year the weather cooperated with floaty clouds, cool temperatures and sunshine for the hundreds of runners who came for the Half Marathon this year. 

Folks began appearing for the 2022 Glacier Half Marathon in time to camp at Red Eagle Campground at Lower Two Medicine Lake on Friday, June 24. Runners and their families and friends found their hosts, the Blackfeet Tribe, had prepared the Tribal campground, and Vacation Races had set up registration and other amenities for their comfort.

Race day on Saturday began very early as shuttle busses brought groups of runners up Looking Glass Road to the start of the race, where they were released in groups. Hydration stations were set up along the way, along with trash containers volunteers from the Glacier Two Medicine Alliance picked up and sent out for recycling.

“The course runs along the eastern border of Glacier National Park,” reads the Vacation Races description. “You’ll climb for the first five miles, and then it’s all downhill from there. Along the way, you’ll be rewarded with incredible views of Glacier National Park and the prairies at its base as you climb Looking Glass Hill. You’ll gaze at Two Medicine Lake during miles five through eight, and you’ll finish on the front lawn of the beautiful and historic Glacier Park Lodge.”

According to unofficial results, more than 1,500 runners took part, including contingents from the Blackfeet Reservation, and they completed the run over the course of around five hours. Everyone’s name and origin was announced as they crossed the finish line, and gifts and goodies awaited them in the “runners only” area on the front lawn of the East Glacier Park Lodge.

There were smiles all around, even among those tasked with cleaning up after the event. 

“Now is when the hard work starts,” Mike Wikstrom said. A member of the Glacier Two Medicine Alliance, he explained his crew was about to travel the race course, picking up the trash cans along the way. All the contents, he said, would then be separated into recycling categories before being taken away for disposal.

As usual, the event brought thousands to East Glacier Park, ahead of the main tourist season after July 4, boosting the local economy and introducing folks to the beauty and won-der of the Blackfeet Reservation and Glacier National Park.

Anyone interested in finding an individual runner and his or her results can consult the “find a runner” page at Vacation Races - https://runsignup.com/Race/Results/40355#resultSetId-324365;perpage:100.


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