As noted on their sign, pets are welcome at Glacier Elkhorn Cabins and Campground, along with remarkable views of Glacier National Park.

“Our campsites aren’t like others,” Lora Vaile, co-owner of Glacier Elkhorn Cabins said. “There’s trees in between them so the guests can really feel the wilderness.”

Located four miles north of Babb just before the Chief Mountain junction, Glacier Elkhorn Cabins is a family-run operation that is one of three local recipients of a Montana Department of Commerce Native Business Grant.

“The cabins have been there probably for around 10 years,” Lora said. “My father-in-law had them, and they all face Kennedy Creek. My husband’s family is from there.”

Lora lives on the property with her husband, Shawn, and his mother, Audrey Vaile. Currently they have four cabins and nine campsites, with a shower house behind the cabins.

“We hope to add a couple more,” she said of the cabins. “There’s no water, but there is electricity. We’ll be open this May with a small café and a camp store. There will be somebody there 24 hours a day, and we will be living on the property.”

The grant from the DOC amounts to $14,000, funding that the Vailes plan to put into their business.

“It will help grow our business and expand it,” Lora said. “We plan on having a deck for the guests getting food from the café, and with WiFi which should really help our guests. Most of it will go towards the deck and roofing, and residing the shower house, and flooring in the cabins. We have a pavilion started, and we’ll have dinner plates on Friday and Saturday nights. Everything is homemade. We’ll be doing breakfast, lunch and dinner during the summer at the café. At the camp store we’re looking to have things that are raised and made here.”

Glacier Elkhorn Cabins is already listed on Airbnb, and they have a website: http://glacierelkhorncabinsandcampground.com/ as well as a page on Facebook. They may also be reached by phone or email: 605-431-1742 or elkhorncabins@gmail.com.

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