The Shelby Track Team competed against some of the best athletes in the area on Tuesday May 2nd in the top eight meet in Great Falls.  

    Randon Richman placed 1st in the 400 with a time of 52.04 PR. Kyle McDermott placed 4th  in the Javelin with a throw of 139’9’’, and 5th  in the Pole Vault with a vault of 9’6’’.  Addison Richman placed 2nd in the 300m Hurdles with a time of 50.61 PR, and 3rd in the100m Hurdles with a time of 17.52 PR. Cami Blevins placed 7th in the javelin with a throw of 97’4’’.

    The Coyote 4X100 relay placed 6th with a time of 47.00 (Randon Richman, Bryce Lee, Trenton Emerson, Evan Clarke). The 4X400 relay placed 2nd 3:41.32, (Randon Richman, Bryce Lee, Trenton Emerson, Hayden Schilling)

    Saturday, the Archie Roe was the last track meet until the district meet, Coach Brennan Hayes commented, “We had to battle the elements all day. Kids did a great job of not letting it get them down and competing.” 

    The Mens Varsity team took 7th place, results for the varsity team were:

100m- Randon Richman 11.92, Bryce Lee 12.64, 200m- Randon Richman 5th place 24.88, 400m- Randon Richman 3rd place 52.53, 800m- Allan Flores- 2:27.40, 1600m- Allan Flores- 5:15.82, 3200m- Allan Flores- 11:12.97, 4X100 relay- 48.07 Bryce Lee, Randon Richman, Evan Clarke, Trenton Emerson, 4X400 relay- 4th place 3:47.15 Bryce Lee, Trenton Emerson, Hayden Schilling, Randon Richman, Discus- Hayden Schilling 107’2’’ Javelin- Kyle McDermott 5th place 134’7’’, Bryce Lee 122’6’’ Triple Jump- Hayden Schilling 36’11.75’’, Trenton Emerson 35’9.25’’

   The Coyotes Mens JV team took 11th place, results for the jv team were: 100m- Enrico Gandini 12.81, 200m- Enrico Gandini 26.02 110m Hurdles- Trenton Emerson 5th  place 21.18PR, Shot Put- Hayden Schilling 34’6’’, Ryan Simpson 34’4.25’’, Ronald Grant 33’11.25’’, Trenton Emerson 33’7.5’’, Tanner Deeble 30’6.5’’, Caiden Moench 29’4.75’’, Discus- Tanner Deeble 6th place 88’11’’, Anton Morgan 85’5’’, Ronald Grant 81’7’’, Caiden Moench 76’10’’, Ryan Simpson 76’, Javelin- Ronald Grant 90’10’’, Anton Morgan 82’3’’, Ryan Simpson 79’11’’, Long Jump- Enrico Gandini 16’5’’, Anton Morgan 14’3’’.

    The Coyotes Mens Freshman team took 7th place, results for the freshman were: 100m- Evan Clarke 12.84, Wyatt Evans 14.13, 200m-Evand Clarke 4th place 26.79, Ivan Wickum 6th place 27.06, 400m- Ivan Wickum 5th place 58.00 PR, Kody Standiford 1:05.51, 110m Hurdles- Ryland Larson 5th place 21.83 PR, 300m Hurdles- Ryland Larson 4th place 52.68, 4X100-  3rd place,Bryson Deeble, Anton Morgan, Payton Gray, Kody Standiford 54.63, 4th place Wyatt Evans, Bash Rosales, Ayden Davis, Hayden Schilling 55.53, 5th place Tanner Deeble, Ryan Simpson, Caiden Moench, Ronald Grant 59.20, Shot Put- Kody Standiford 6th place 31’3.5’’, Peyton Gray 26’7.25’’, Bash Rosales 25’9.5’’, Discus- Kody Standiford 75’9’’, Bryson Deeble 74’6’’, Bash Rosales 71’6’’ PR, Peyton Gray 66’, Ayden Davis 50’7’’ Javelin- Kody Standiford 4th place 99’, Evan Clarke 84’1’ PR, Wyatt Evans 72’7’’, Bryson Deeble 70’5’’, Bash Rosales 68’2’’ Ayden Davis 54’3’’ PR, Long Jump- Bryson Deeble 15’9’’

    The Coyotes Womens Varsity team took 10th place, reults for the team were: 100 M Hurdles- Addison Richman 4th place 17.80, 300M Hurdles- Addison Richman 51.7. 

    The Womens JV team took 11th place, results for the jv team were: 100m- Maya Gorth 14.87, 200m- Addison Richman 31.12, 4x100 relay- Aiyana Franco, Maya Gorth, Adele Lamb, Addison Richman 4th place 59.13, Javelin- Adele Lamb- 52’8’’.

  The Coyotes Womens Freshman results were: 1600m- Aiyana Franco 7:30.18, Long Jump- Adele Lamb 12’2.5’’.

   The District Track Meet will be on Saturday May 13th at Memorial Stadium in Great Falls.

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