Kaden Kipp runs his 35 chickens on his family’s ranch near Cut Bank. He got his start with the help of the NACDC’s Future of Native Ag Youth Program.

Kaden’s Kluckers’ slogan, “Hand Gathered, Locally Laid, Farm Fresh Eggs,” only tells a small part of the inspiring story behind 13-year-old entrepreneur Kaden Kipp’s egg business. Kaden runs his 35 chickens on his family’s ranch near Cut Bank with the goal of providing a healthy life for his chickens and healthy product for his community.

“My idea of starting my business was to hopefully produce eggs organically, the right way, free range completely, where the chickens get to do their own thing and lay how they like, where they like, ‘’ he said.

Kaden’s family shared the idea for his business came when he received eight chickens that were to be culled at a mass egg production facility. They were in poor shape from their previous living conditions with little to no feathers, swollen and bleeding behinds, and pale combs and legs.

“They did not even know how to roost and were afraid to go outside,” mentions Kaden’s mom.

What Kaden saw in those rescue chickens and learned about mass egg production created the mission for his business.

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