Rhett Reynolds

Rhett Reynolds finished his high school career rewriting the Shelby record book in basketball, breaking nine different records in the process. 

Rhett set records for most points in a season with 677, which broke Mat Seidensticker’s record of 651 points. He also eclipsed Trey Wanty’s career scoring record of 1676 points, with 1897. 

Reynolds also set the record for season field goal percentage, with 70, overtaking Glenn Benjamin’s 67%. 

Reynolds didn’t stop there, he broke the rebounding records for season and career, breaking Seidensticker’s season record of 275, with 386. He set the record for rebounds per game with 25. His brother TJ Reynolds had 21. 

He also broke TJ’s career record of 854, with 1233 rebounds. Reynolds went on to break TJ’s three blocked shot records. Rhett averaged 12 per game, totaled 101 on the season and tallied 271 in his high school career. TJ averaged 9, had a season’s best of 44, and a career total of 127.

When asked about his success, Coach and father Tom Reynolds commented, “Rhett sat on the Coyote bench since he was a kindergartener and was definitely one of the biggest Coyote fans there has been. He has been all in since day one. There’s no question on how hard Rhett has worked. He did have the opportunity to play at State all four years which amounted to 104 games for a career and shows that he was fortunate to be surrounded by good teammates.”

When asked what his favorite memory as a Coyote was, Rhett commented, “Making State this year and making a run, even though we had multiple injuries toward the end of the season.” Reynolds commented on setting multiple records, “I was honored to pass some of the ‘Shelby Greats’, and I can’t wait to see the future greats break them!” As far as advice to aspiring great Coyotes, Rhett said, “Work hard in the weight room and gym, even when no one is looking.”

Reynolds will long be remembered for his unselfish team play, his electrifying dunks and chase down blocks for many years to come.

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