Rowen Russell raced through the pool for a first place finish in the 50-meter butterfly race at the Cut Bank swim meet last weekend. Russell won herself a High Point trophy, placing first in all three of her events. 


The Shelby Water Otters placed sixth at the Cut Bank Swim Meet, scoring 305.5 points. 

Rowen Russell secured another High Point Trophy this year, placing first in all three of her individual events. She swam the 50-meter freestyle in 36.63 seconds, the 50-meter breaststroke in 53.08 seconds, and the 50-meter butterfly in 48.85 seconds. 

Rowen, and the rest of her team, continue to work hard at practice and are seeing the results of doing so. Here are the results for the rest of the team.

Jackson Aichlmayr: 50 meter free 13th, 50 meter back 9th

Cael Blevins: 200 meter IM 1st, 50 meter breast 2nd

Kymber Combs: 25 meter free 19th

Logan Combs: 100 meter free 4th, 50 meter fly 2nd, 200 meter free 2nd

Caige Enneberg: 50 meter free 4th, 50 meter breast 6th, 50 meter back 5th

Zoey Fisher: 50 meter free 4th, 50 meter back 5th, 50 meter fly 3rd

Wylie Frydenlund: 25 meter free 9th, 50 meter free 8th, 25 meter back 8th

Gracelynne Hegyes: 50 meter free 13th, 50 meter back 8th

Brielle Hooker: 25 meter free 18th, 50 meter free 16th, 25 meter back 13th

Jaxon Hooker: 50 meter back 13th

Ava Lamb: 50 meter free 8th

Mason Lamb: 50 meter free 3rd, 100 meter free 2nd, 100 meter back 2nd

Charlie Mulvaney: 50 meter free 11th, 50 meter breast 7th, 50 meter back 7th

Addison Richman: 50 meter free 1st, 50 meter fly 2nd

Halle Rogers: 50 meter free 12th, 50 meter back 6th

Lucas Rogers: 50 meter free 10th, 50 meter breast 4th, 50 meter back 4th

Malcolm Russell: 25 meter free 6th, 50 meter free 6th, 25 meter back 9th

Rowen Russell: 50 meter free 1st, 50 meter breast 1st, 50 meter fly 1st

Brayden Salem: 25 meter free 14th, 50 meter free 10th

Avalyn Smith: 50 meter free 11th, 50 meter back 7th

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