Winter may be over finally, as we had two very nice evenings of league golf this past Tuesday and Wednesday.

With just less than a third of the schedule completed, there is plenty of play left for any team and individual to step up, play and be at the top at the end of the season. This sportswriter expects, at least, the Harrison Ranch to kick it in, then the Knotted Dogs and Dirty Birdies (or is it Dirty Lotsa Handicap) need to put down the throttle. Those Harrison guys are Oyts Harrison, Jerry Racine, Frank Harrison IV and Wil Horn. Those Dogs are Evan DeBoo, Emerald Grant, Jace Gobert and Greg Bird (his daddy is the once famous golfer, Karl Bird).

Some stuff to maybe mention is: Beau J Glaze won two nights in a row for the first time (you may have seen it plastered all over cyberspace); then Robert Kipp bankrupted the Treasurer, Joe Fuzz, to earn his second win; then Murt Thomas and Stephen Upham showed up to max out against Greg Tatsey and Bill Old Chief; Steven Wagner got out sanded by Aaron Mclean to earn his first loss (although he still had a sand score to beat his handicap…. Um, they both did), Kirk Grant is still on a roll and gave Zach Wagner his first loss; a rookie Richard Sanchez got a win over Marcus Bear Medicine; cuzents George Hall IV and Cody Boggs battled to a tie; and in a battle of old men (and we are talkin old), William “Old Bull” Powell took Beasty Racine to the mat, but Merlin Sinclair had enough sand to outlast Leonard Guardipee from those old, old man tee boxes.

On Tuesday, shooting the low gross round of 38 was Lakota Warden. Then Dave Gordon and Aaron Mclean both shot 40 scores. On the sandy side of the scoring, Cody White shot a 29 while Shandon Wagner and Ray Boggs both shot 30 net scores.

On Wednesday, Darryl Wayne Talks About (DWTA) shot a 39 gross score; then Aaron, Travis Blue and Mike Racine all shot 40s. The sandiest score was shot by Mike with a 29 net while Cody Boggs and Ed Flamand both shot 30s.

On Tuesday, the hole prizes were won as follows. Virgil Last Star won the KP; George Webber won the KP in 2 on the #6 hole; DWTA won the KP in 2 on the #2 hole; the KP in 3 was won by Davy; and the Long Putt was won by Ray. Then DWTA took the “Dollar Hole” for the first time in many years.

On Wednesday, the KP in 2 was taken by this sportswriter; the KP in 3 was won by Aaron; and the Long Putt was won by Travis Blue. Then Ron Valandra birdied the “Dollar Hole” to win that honors.

Men, make sure that you pick up the hole prize if you finish on that hole. Then put the white slip in the box with your scorecard and return the pin to the Clubhouse. Do not leave the slip on the pin as the Clubhouse does not have anything to do with the league happenings. This Sportswriter needs those slips for the record and payout.


(After June 29)


Glacier Peaks Casino 42-6 

Siyeh Communications 39-9 

Outlawz 36-12 

OC Welding & Fabrication 32-16 


A & C Towing30-18 

3 Rights and a Left29-19

Chuck’s Paint & Body 28-20 

The Holey Ones 26-22 

The Rezzers 24-24 

Bozo’s Bombers23-25

Quaranbean Boys22-26 

Fudd Wreckers 21 -27 

Fighting Trout 19-29

A & C Towing Two 19-29

Knotted Dogs18-30 

Harrison Ranch16-32 

Dirty Birdies 13-35 

Guardipee Lakers12-36


(After June 29)


Chops Sure Chief 12

Ed Flamand 12

Darryl Talks About 11

Steven Wagner 10

Kirk Grant10

Mike Racine 10

Alvin Yellow Owl9

Steven Powell 9

Zach Wagner 9

Kyle Sinclair 9

Bill Edwards 9

Kurt Zuback 9

Aaron Mclean 8

Justin Aimsback 7

Brian Weatherwax 7

Ryan Hoyt 7

Bill Old Chief 7

Mike Augare 7

Cody Boggs 7

Greg Tatsey 7

Greg Bird 7

George Heavy Runner 7

Frank Harrison 7

Cody White 7


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