Austin Asper returned home to Shelby to work in the family business, Asper Funeral Home. His wife, Molly, a Nurse Practitioner, was hired by Logan Health-Cut Bank.

Nurse Practitioner Molly Asper grew up 15 minutes from our Nation’s capital, in what is called the Washington Metropolitan Area in northern Virginia.  She admits that is a long way from Shelby, the place she is now calling home in northcentral Montana. “In fact, it is a 32-hour drive and over 2,000 miles east to be exact,” she confessed.

Home is in Shelby but work for Molly is 22 miles west of Shelby in Cut Bank where she is working as a Nurse Practitioner at Logan Health–Cut Bank.

“I never dreamed I would call Montana home,” she said. “For my husband, Austin, Montana is coming home to a family funeral home business and a job as a mortician. For me, Montana is a new place to call home. As the saying goes, ‘home is where the heart is.’ And my heart, smile and medical skill-set are ready and willing to serve the people of Cut Bank.”

Molly is the newest employee to join the Logan Health team. “I chose Logan Health in Cut Bank because of the family-like atmosphere that I feel here. Everyone is genuine and welcoming. The people there truly care about their patients and their community. Logan Health offers me the opportunity to be part of making a difference in the Cut Bank community,” Molly said.

The small towns of both Cut Bank and Shelby are a bit of a change for this once big-city girl. Not only does she come from a large metropolitan area, but she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Ursuline College in Cleveland and then went to Salt Lake City to complete a doctoral program at the University of Utah so she could be a Nurse Practitioner.

However, small town life seems to fit her now and she is happy to be part of two, small, rural communities.

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