Cut Bank community members are providing meals for the four National Guardsmen from Kalispell and the two EMTs on loan to Northern Rockies Medical Center’s EMS. The guardsmen are serving as ambulance drivers. NRMC is in the process of hiring EMS staff after leasing the service from Glacier County starting on Oct. 1.

Northern Rockies Medical Center is getting a boost in manpower for the next two weeks thanks to State of Montana and Montana Disaster and Emergency Services. The additional resources were called in by the Hi-Line Unified Health Command, which was recently reactivated due to the spike in COVID-19 cases in the Golden Triangle area.

“Beginning Saturday, Oct. 17, four National Guardsman from Kalispell arrived in Cut Bank to serve as drivers for our local ground ambulance service,” reported Cherie Taylor, Chief Executive Officer for Northern Rockies Medical Center. “In addition, two Emergency Medical Technologists, who are wild land firefighters, are assisting with the transport of Hi-Line patients for appropriate care,” said Taylor. “We are thankful to the State of Montana and Montana DES for granting us the additional resources needed to care for the patients in our region.”

Curtis Harper, Manager of NRMC’s Emergency Medical Services program, pointed out, “NRMC will actually be reimbursing the State of Montana for the cost of the National Guard payroll, using COVID funds.” Harper said the additional staff will be assisting the EMS with medical transfers from not only NRMC, but also medical facilities in Shelby and Browning.

The National Guardsmen will be based out of the former Glacier County EMS building. NRMC took over the county’s EMS service on Oct. 1 and is leasing the EMS building and ambulances from Glacier County. The guardsmen and EMTs will be rotating to cover 24-hour shifts during their two-week stint here. 

NRMC’s Stephanie Eney is coordinating a “meal train” to provide the guardsmen and firefighters with meals.

To sign up to provide a meal, go to: 


Eney is the facility’s Quality and Risk Manager/Marketing Manager. She noted, “We are seeing lots interest in the EMS program from applicants because of the nice facility and 24-hour shift scheduling we are implementing.”

Harper added, “NRMC’s EMS has been doing approximately two interviews a week with mostly out of state paramedics and EMSs who have shown interest in moving to Cut Bank and joining NRMC’s EMS and we have made offers to several of them.”

Eney reminds area residents of the EMS fundraiser currently underway by the Rockies Healthcare Foundation. 

NRMC has set up a completely separate bank account for the EMS funds and that is where all the proceeds we collect from this fundraiser will be going.

“We know they will definitely need more than our fundraiser monies, but we are hoping the community and surrounding area can get behind this effort now that NRMC is providing EMS to the area,” said Eney.

Donations of any amount to support the EMS, can be made to:

Rockies Healthcare 



P.O. Box 10

Cut Bank, MT 59427

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