Cut Bank runner Hunter Kennedy finished as the No. 3 runner for the boys cross country team at the Glacier Invitational in Kalispell last week.

You couldn’t ask for a much better last regular high school cross country season meet, with nearly every Cut Bank runner peaking to demolish their season’s best time under the cold clouds at the Glacier Invitational. 

Exhausted faces turned to smiles upon seeing their blistering 5k times as they crossed the finish line, the fruit of their hard work all season tasted amazing in the midst of the pain.  

All of the coaches could not be prouder of the work ethic, and team camaraderie that has represented Cut Bank so well this season. 

This weekend, the team’s top nine boys and girls go to Missoula to compete in the Class B State Meet. 

Times from last week’s meet are as follows:

CBHS Boys Team

James Greene, 17:34.86

Elijah Greene, 18:29.50

Hunter Kennedy, 19:09.76

Max Gannon, 19:10.53

Robert Reagan, 19:42.89

Jaydas Running Wolf, 20:13.30

Peyton St. Goddard, 20:38.99

Asher Embody, 20:43.7

Nathanial Anderson, 20:43.74

James Echavez, 21:03.06

Dawson Vasboe, 21:08.25

Rhett Michael, 22:52.15

Latham Johnson, 23:40.88

Baily Harbison, 23:52.99

Braedon Benjamin, 24:17.67

Bradin Murphy, 24:26.55

Jacob Gohr, 27:09.56

J’vohn Lopez, 28:36.94

CBHS Girls Team

Abby Baney, 24:06.73

Mylee Barry,24:19.36

Kortney Hart, 25:17.58

Ava Manecke, 25:28.34

MacKenzie Johnson, 26:28.90

Kellyn Dunaway, 26:40.05

Stella Overstreet, 28:26.74

Grace Poulton, 28:37.34

Paige Poulton, 28:57.00

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