Dr. Karla Bird, President of Blackfeet Community College, has announced a recent gift of $25,000 will be used to create a scholarship in honor of Chief Earl Old Person. Further donations are being sought to enhance the scholarship fund. Dr. Bird’s announcement follows.

Blackfeet Community College has received a substantial gift from the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation. The college has been included in a $25,000 donation in the honoring of Chief Earl Old Person.

The Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation’s generous gift will ensure the long-term viability of Blackfeet Community College and its students. The college will be using the funds to build educational pathways for students, as well as launching sustainability endeavors for our students in honor of Chief Old Person. These funds will ensure that our Blackfeet Community College students have the opportunities to have a prosperous future and have the assistance to achieve their dreams of obtaining an education.

Blackfeet Community College is truly indebted to Dennis and Phyllis Washington’s generosity and will ensure that these funds honor their values of racial equity and economic mobility. This is truly a transformative gift that will have a high impact on educational opportunities for the Blackfeet Reservation and its enrolled members.

Thank you, Dennis and Phyllis Washington, for touching the lives of our students by creating access and opportunity to higher education, as well as valuing the systems of tribal centered education. Washington’s thoughtful donation has created a pathway to hopeful new beginnings and honoring our honorary lifetime Chief Earl Old Person.

Financial assistance is necessary in order for the up-and-coming generations to have access to affordable higher education opportunities in this country. If you would like to donate to Blackfeet Community College, please contact Jessie Running Crane at 406-338-5441, ext. 2214.

All funds will go to a Chief Earl Old Person Memorial scholarship for students at Blackfeet Community College. Please contact the college if you are interested in donating to this scholarship fund.

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