The 2022 Montana’s Next Generation Conference will be held over six evenings with virtual sessions covering recordkeeping, markets, marketing, crop production, succession planning and business topics.

The conference is designed to provide livestock and crop producers of all ages with tools and information to be successful.

Two-hour sessions are set to begin at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays from now through Jan. 27. All sessions will be broadcast and accessible online. The sessions are free, but registration is required at https://tinyurl.com/3py9unt9 or via the link at mtnextgen.com.

Farm Service Agency borrowers can complete their borrower training requirements by participating in three evenings of their choice and completing the quiz and evaluation for those sessions.

The first session was held on Jan. 11. The next session is set for Jan. 13 when Al Kluis, of Kluis Commodity Advisors, will give an in-depth look into the 2022 commodity markets. He will help producers develop marketing plans and explain how to use futures and options to make it personal for each operation.

Korey Fauque, of Happy Steer Ranch and KW Insurance, will also share how they have successfully integrated livestock into their farming operation and lessons learned from direct marketing their beef.

On Jan. 18, Marlee Sandry from USDA Rural Development and Shauna Farver of Farver Farms will share their experiences with value-added agriculture and opportunities for farmers and ranchers to grow profits through a value-added enterprise. Chris Mehus, ranch programs director with the Western Sustainability Exchange will cover carbon credits for farms or ranches and how they affect producers.

On Jan. 20, Marketing and 2022 crop production will be the topic of the night. Kluis will provide part two of his session on developing a marketing plan for a farm or ranch. Northwest Farm Credit Services appraiser, Wade McAlpine, will cover land values, factors impacting current sales and items to consider when purchasing land.

Ty McDonald of Waddel and Reed will cover succession planning for the farm or ranch during the Jan. 25 session. No matter your stage in the process, McDonald will share tips for the transition of the agricultural business to the next generation.

The conference will conclude on Jan. 27 with Britney Tempel of Montana Roots Accounting PLLC and Brian Lee of Lee Law Offices covering taxes and legal issues. Tempel will share updates in the tax accounting world and how to manage the tax and cash flow side of a drought. Lee will wrap up with current legal issues in agriculture.

For registration questions, contact Kari Lewis at 406-873-2239 or kari.lewis@montana.edu.

For FSA borrower training questions, contact Lacy Roberts at 406-873-5618, ext. 2060, or lacy.roberts@usda.gov.

Those with disabilities who require accommodations to attend or participate in this event should contact Roberts or the Federal Relay Service at 1-800-877-8339.

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