Sixth Grade

Straight A’s

Myleigh Gobert

Sadie Lawrence

Samantha McCauley

Charlie Poulton

A Average

Bodie Barbie

Corin Brown

Austin Carney

Kahydan Ekrem

Thomas Gannon

Cody Gray

Henry Gray

Eden Harmon

Roxanne Main

Erica Rice

Riley Rooney

Gabriel Running Rabbit

B Average

Chase Amesbury

Delylia Audelo

Danielle Barcus-Kuka

Solyom Black

Kade Brauhn Hughson

Ryan Champine

Kevin Chrum

Keaton Johnson

Miley LaPlant

Burke Lowery

Brielle Martin

Davanee McKelvey

Dally Michael

Victoria Ostler

Lane Racine

Nash Singer

James Snyder

Lorelei White

Seventh Grade

Straight A’s

River Billman

Rylie Fritz

Maycie Grosser

Madison Sullivan

A Average

Liliana Barcus

Baylee Bird

Brett Burdeau

Phil Anthony Echavez

Fallyn Hedges

Liam Milender

Brinli Murphy

Mercedes Murphy

Elsa Overstreet

Jayden Perry

Eli Schultz

Lexi Stubbs

Erika Trafton

Max Wisniowski LaValley

Kadigan Yttredahl

B Average

Kaden Barsness

Talyn Benjamin

Austin Brotnov

Bryson Dietrich-Melton

Rylie Flaherty

Gary Johnson

Kaida Kaquatosh

Kayden Preble

Tyler Raines

Damon Running Crane

Elezebeth Salois

Sadee Still Smoking

Stella Wahl

Benji Waller

Eighth Grade

Straight A’s

Elyse Bengtson

Tegan Boyce

Olivia Bradley

Ethan Brown

Jess Elings

Isabelle Salois

A Average

Sam Calerich

Chase Clift

Harmony Lahr

Josephine Michael

Blake Seifert

Dallas St. Goddard

B Average

Kyler Blocker

Tansy Cassidy

Colter Connelly

Ray Dagel

Antony DeKay

Madalynn Largo

Dean Main

Isaiah Meineke

Maguire Peters

Kaje Ramey

Abrielle Rooney

Tadan Shook

Makayla Skipper

Adrian Urias

Beretta Winkowitsch

Koda-Lynn Young

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