Marias River Livestock Association is hosting a Drought Management for Cattle workshop on Wednesday, Jan. 12, at the Marias Valley Golf Course Club house at 4 p.m. There will also be a burger bar available for those in attendance.

Brian Grebliunas, PhD, who owns and operates North Border Analytics, LLC in Chinook, Mont., will be the guest speaker. His lab focuses on the analysis of soil, water, and crops or forage. His regional lab provides accurate test results along with professional consultation to improve soil health, water chemistry, and determine if forage samples are safe for livestock to ingest. He can also recommend additional supplements or varied feed rations to optimize your herd’s health.

Grebliunas has an open-door policy which means a producer can stop by his laboratory to converse with him about how the North Border Analytics LLC lab can be incorporated into their operation’s management.

Grebliunas will talk about how to collect forage samples prior to swathing, grazing, or from bales. He stressed the importance of collecting samples in a way that reduces variability in results due to where the samples were collected in the field.

He  will provide producers with the necessary information to effectively interpret hay sample reports, and how to collect samples that will best represent their hay. He will also advise how to effectively manage nitrate content of their grain forages.

His goal is to inform producers on forage nitrate management by reducing nitrate toxicity risk and how nutrient management/ap-plication can be implemented to reduce nitrate risks.

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