Junior Mecca Bullchild boasts post season honors.

Mecca Bullchild led the way in post season recognition this year, being named to the first team in Northwestern A as well as earning co-MVP recognition and being named an All-State Selection. Jerel Whitegrass also made the first team while Amari Calf Robe was named to the second team. Lish Spoonhunter and Brailey Racine rounded out the list in the Honorable Mention category.

Meanwhile, Coach Darryl “Poorboy” Croff was named Coach of the Year in Northwestern A.

“Mecca was second in assists and third in steals,” Coach Croff noted. “She led in every category, and it’s a good thing she’s coming back.”

A junior this year, Bullchild will hit the courts next season as an experienced senior.

“She’s still in the learning process,” Coach Croff said. “If she puts it together, she’ll be a scary player, and she’s a 4.0 student too. You have it all with her, and the girls followed her, but we’ll need to take the pressure off her next year.”

Moving on to sophomore Jerel Whitegrass, Coach Croff said, “She’s an all-around athlete who’s at the front of the press. She plays hard. She was sixth in scoring, fourth in rebounds and she was right behind Mecca in steals. She’s just a work-horse who came on in scoring the second half of the season.”

Another sophomore, Amari Calf Robe came in for praise from the coach.

“She’s an all-around solid player,” said the coach. “She needs to learn over the summer to improve her scoring, but she plays great defense. She’s a physical player, and you can’t get her out of the gym. All three of these girls are coming back.”

Junior Lish Spoonhunter and senior Brailey Racine were voted Honorable Mention status by Northwestern A coaches as well.

“Lish transferred from Heart Butte, and it took her a while to get going,” Coach Croff said. “She plays the middle pretty good, and she’ll be solid next year. She needs some defensive skills, but she’s solid on the offensive end. She came in playing Class C to Class A, and when she figured it out she got the job done.”

Finally, graduating senior Brailey Racine has played all of her high school years with the Lady Indians.

“Brailey played for Browning all four years, but injuries slowed her a lot in her junior year,” Coach Croff said. “It took a long time, but she’s a solid rebounder and a good de-fender. She controlled the middle for us pretty good. She got hurt again [at the tournaments], but she gave us what she had.”

As for being Coach of the Year, Darryl said, “It’s a great honor, but I wouldn’t be there unless I had what I had. [Assistant Coach] Leo [Bullchild] is the workhorse of the program. You don’t get this far unless you’ve got a team, and the girls were great. The staff helps a lot with things I can’t even see so the honor’s not just mine. I’m glad for a staff like that.”

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