Lady Panthers take a run around town to hunt for selfies while getting a little conditioning workout in. Pictured, left to right, Rylea Connelly, Marie Onstad, Lily CalfRobe, Miranda Kassler, and Hannah Monroe. 

Coach Kadie Briggs is in her third year as head coach of the Lady Panthers Volleyball Team. With an additional three years on the coaching staff and eight returning seniors, experience promises to be a favorable factor in the Panthers’ season.

Coach Briggs is joined by Heidi Barney who will be returning for her third year as assistant coach and Jennie Becker as “Volunteer” assistant coach, a title that she adores. 

“These ladies take a lot of time out of their lives for these girls and for this sport, and I appreciate them so much for their dedication,” Briggs reflected.

The returning seniors are supported by another senior new to the team, two sophomores, and five incoming freshmen. Unfortunately, the team has already experienced some struggles. Coach Briggs reports, “We have already battled injuries and other circumstances that have left us down a few players going into our first weekend of games. It is part of the journeythe journey and the challenge when coaching, so we better be ready to have options. We have a conference game to start our season, and then two weekends of tournaments where we get to work on positions and chemistry.”

The coach recognizes the challenge of blending a team of seniors with younger players. She explains her plans for success. “We are hoping to build on fundamentals and team chemistry as we progress through the season. The girls have been working hard at learning a new 5:1 offense, conditioning, and building their strength for endurance. We are also trying to have a little fun, as some might have seen when the girls were running around town on a Saturday morning doing a photo selfie scavenger hunt. It even included some fine citizens of Valier!”

While the Lady Panthers work to improve their skills, there are things the fans can do to help create a successful season. Coach Briggs invites volunteers to help with line judging and running the play clock. “If anyone would like to be part of a team of helpers,” says Coach Briggs, they can contact the high school office at 406-279-3613.

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