There are only four nights of league left and the standings are getting closer at the top. At the moment on the team side, Glacier Peaks is holding onto a one point lead over the Outlawz. The Holey Ones and the Fighting Trout are kinda making a move to get into the thick of things. Those Holey guys are Steven Wagner, Zane Peterson, Leo Pollock and Ron Gilham. Those Fighting Trout are Murt Thomas, Stephen Upham, Woody Zuback and Marc White.

In the individual side of things, Alvin Yellow Owl and Bill Edwards aren’t budging as of yet. But they are being closely followed by Ed Flamand, Darryl Talks About and George Heavy Runner, as well as few others who are still in reach.

Last week the low gross was shot by Dave Gordon and Mike Augare. They both shot 38 gross scores. The low net side had a young sandbagger and a old sandbagger. Those being George Hall with a 32 and Bill Powell Sr. with a 30. 

The hole prizes were won as follows: Frank Harrison won the KP in 3; the KP in 2 was not turned in; the KP was won by birthday boy, Beef Tatsey; and the Long Putt was won by Davy. Due to the daylight not being around as late as before, there was not “Dollar Hole.”

The league tournament date is pending, but for now it will be scheduled on Saturday, Sept. 3. So circle that date on your calendar, boys.


(After Aug. 10)

TEAM Points

Glacier Peaks Casino 87 

Outlawz 86 

Siyeh Communications84

Uncoachables 81 

A & C Towing 79 

Chuck’s Paint & Body 77 

The Holey Ones 76 

Harrison Ranch 72 

OC Welding & Fabrication66 

Fighting Trout 61

Dirty Birdies 61

Fudd Wreckers 59

3 Rights and a Left 57

A & C Towing Two 53

Quaranbean Boys 49 

The Rezzers 48 

Bozo’s Bombers 40

Guardipee Lakers 38

Knotted Dogs 30



(After August 10)


Bill Edwards 23

Alvin Yellow Owl 23

Ed Flamand 21

Darryl Talks About 21

George Heavy Runner 21

Chops Sure Chief 20

Steven Wagner 20

Frank Harrison 19

Zach Wagner 19

Kirk Grant19

Poor Boy Croff 19

Travis Blue 18

Mike Augare 18

Trevor Gray 18

Ron Gilham 18

Stephen Upham 18

Greg Tatsey 17

Kyle Sinclair 17

Mike Racine 17

Tim Gordon 16

Bill Powell 16

Kurt Zuback 16

Vic Hall/Tai Old Chief 16

Merlin Harwood 16

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