Benji Waller and the rest of the Cut Bank Sharks Swim Team traveled to Shelby last weekend for their first meet of the season. 

The Cut Bank Shark swim team attended its first meet of the season last weekend. After four short days of practice in the pool, the team traveled to Shelby with 17 swimmers to compete. 

Arrow Burdeau, Kenton Burdeau, and Jemma Croff all competed for the first time with Jemma placing as an alternate for the 50 free and Kenton placing in both the 25 free and the back stroke. Arrow Burdeau, who is swimming as a 4-year-old, worked super hard and made it to the end of the pool in both the back stroke and her 25 free.

Jahmiah Labrie and Stefani Bohmer both placed second in their age brackets, and Dafani Bohmer placed fourth in her age bracket, with several other swimmers bringing in some great points.

Following are the results for the weekend:

Caden Bird 6th place 25 back stroke, 11th place 25 free style

Dafani Bohmer 2nd place 50 free style, 1st place 100 breast stroke, 5th place 100 free style

Nateli Bohmer 4th place 50 breast stroke, 2nd place 200 free style

Stefani Bohmer 2nd place 50 fly, 1st place 100 fly, 1st place 400 free style

Kenton Burdeau 9th place 25 free style, 5th place 25 back stroke

Gracie Laforge 12th place 50 back stroke

Jahmiah Labrie 2nd place 200 IM, 2nd place 100 back stroke, 1st place 100 fly

Sophia Ostler 9th place 50 free style, 9th place 25 back stroke

Johsiah Red Fox 9th place 50 free style, 9th place 25 back stroke

Makayla Skipper 9th place 50 free style, 8th place 100 free style, 4th place 100 back stroke

Benji Waller 8th place 50 free style, 6th place 100 free style, 4th place 50 back stroke

Mykayla Waller 12th place 50 breast stroke, 3rd place 100 free style.

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