Red Sleighs Over Montana will be returning to Shelby the week of Dec. 20! Red Sleighs Over Montana was initiated by the Museum of Mountain Flying last year and is returning this year to bring more holiday cheer to families in need across the state.

Last year Red Sleighs Over Montana debuted in several communities in December, bringing gifts to families in need throughout the state. The flights included stops in Shelby and Cut Bank. The tradition will continue this year with flights returning to area communities the week of Dec. 20.

This project came in response to challenging issues facing rural Montana communities, economic hardships and COVID. It was spearheaded by the Museum of Mountain Flying based out of Missoula.

Organizers recruited “pilots turned Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus” and “elves” who fly to these communities, and deliver donated toys, clothing, blankets and gifts to nearly 1,000 children across the state! The pilots generously donated their time, energy and all aircraft expenses for the project.

This year the group has a new goal: to expand the net of good cheer by adding several more Montana communities to their delivery list, as well as Sandpoint and Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho.

The red sleighs will once again be stopping in Shelby and Cut Bank to deliver gifts and holiday cheer to those who need it the most.

Red Sleighs Over Montana needs help this holiday season as in addition to distributing items to children throughout the selected communities. They would also like to provide specific items to families in need.

If you know of a family that needs help in the Shelby or Cut Bank area, please contact Pat Collins by phone at (406) 396-0755 or email 1802PatC@gmail.com.

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