“We’re going hard at it,” Coach Darrell “Poorboy” Croff said of the Lady Indians basketball team’s preparing for the upcoming season. “We’re doing two practices a day until Thanksgiving is over. The girls are out of shape so we’re pushing them.”

Turnout was light this year, Coach Croff said, with just 32 trying out and six of those being cut.

“We’re not very big, but we should be fast,” he said. “There’s a couple we’re waiting on for transfers, and if they come through it will help. If not, they’ll have to wait until Jan. 25 to be on the varsity team. It will be interesting.”

With a smaller, quicker team, Coach Croff is looking at a new system he’s hoping to get going among the Lady Indians.

“We’ve got a whole new system, a learning system,” he said. “We have a young team – two juniors, five sophomores and three seniors. It looks promising and if they learn the new system, it should be fun for them. It’s not hard; it’s just different. They’ve got to be moving and not just standing around.”

The Lady Indians will host Shelby on Tuesday, Dec. 7, at the BHS Tipi Dome along with the boys for their first game. Then it’s on to the All-American Indian Shootout in Billings on Dec. 9-11.

“Billings will tell us where we’re at,” Coach Croff said. “We play Hardin on Saturday, and that’ll be a heads up for us. I don’t know what we’ve got, but we will be quick. The girls did a lot this summer and worked on their speed.”

Coach Croff said to watch for Mecca Bullchild who is a junior this year, as well as Natalee and Hanna St. Goddard, as well as Marti Calf Robe and Jerel Whitegrass.

“It’s different from last year because we have an open gym and weight room,” the coach said, “so it should be a better season. Last year we had so many injuries, probably because of COVID-19. But it’s different this year. We had the summer and a weight program, and lots of them played fall sports – volleyball and cross country – so there should be better fitness. I hope injuries don’t play a big function this year, but they should be fun to watch up and down the floor.”

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