The Browning track and field team took two busses to take all the athletes to Libby last weekend, a welcome sight for Coach Bob Miller.

“It’s the first meet where we had to use two busses,” he said, “so those are impressive numbers. Lots of our athletes got their first taste of a meet. They got marks, and once you get a mark then you know where you’re at and can get better every week.”

The weather in Libby was, “typical Montana track meet weather,” Coach Miller said. Conditions alternated between wind, snow and sleet with the sun coming out sometimes, creating a misty atmosphere between storms. As a result, times and places are, in some cases, still being worked out, and Coach Miller believes the entire record of the meet will be released sometime this week.

This week’s action comes just ahead of Easter and Spring Break at BHS. The only meet slated this week came on Tuesday, April 12, at the Kalispell Time Trials. 

Results for Browning athletes at the Libby meet follow.

Libby Invite

Sat, April 9, Logger Stadium

Browning Men’s Results

100 Meters Varsity

4. Justice Johnson 11.8 PR

4. Isiah RunningRabbit 11.8 PR

7. Tommy RunningRabbit 12.0 PR

10. Jamerson Lazyboy 12.4 PR

100 Meters Junior Varsity

5. Skylar Nez 13.1 PR

8. Jason Denny 13.3 PR

10. Donovan Aimsback 13.5 PR

12. Taylor Carlson 16.7 PR

13. Jaren Bechel 17.3 PR

200 Meters Varsity

4. Isiah RunningRabbit 24.57 PR

6. Justice Johnson 24.86 PR

13. Randy RunningRabbit 27.87 PR

14. Jance EagleFeathers 28.01 PR

15. Talon Ulrich 28.52 PR

200 Meters Junior Varsity

8. Skylar Nez 28.53 PR

9. Jason Denny 28.57 PR

13. Taylor Carlson 33.82 PR

14. Jaren Bechel 37.67 PR

400 Meters Varsity

1. Jeremy Bockus 53.20 PR

4. Isiah RunningRabbit 58.43

5. Preston Iron Heart 59.00

9. Jerdan Crawford 1:02.83

11. Randy RunningRabbit  1:04.00 PR

400 Meters Junior Varsity

6. Brayds Veille 1:01.86 PR

7. Jamerson Lazyboy 1:02.14

11. Philip SureChief 1:06.02 PR

12. Skylar Nez 1:07.00

15. Lebron Shooter 1:12.08 PR

16. Jeffery DeRoche 1:13.64 PR

18. Taylor Carlson 1:22.06 PR

1600 Meters Varsity

6. Jesse Cain 5:43.28 PR

9. Philip SureChief 5:44.69

1600 Meters Junior Varsity

3. Donovan Aimsback 5:35.57 PR

6. Lebron Shooter 6:13.97 PR

3200 Meters Varsity

5. Jerdan Crawford 11:43.24 PR

300m Hurdles - 36” Varsity

6. Talon Ulrich 52.14 PR

7. Jance EagleFeathers 53.82 PR

300m Hurdles - 36” Junior Varsity

6. Skylar Nez 55.37 PR

7. Lebron Shooter 55.61 PR

8. Jason Denny 1:00.85 PR

For more the rest of the results and more Browning High School sports coverage of last week’s action, pick up a copy or subscribe to the Glacier Reporter at http://www.cutbankpioneerpress.com/site/services/

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