The Bear Paw 4-H Club’s Shyanna Leon led a cooperative lamb into the auction ring at this year’s 4-H Fair. 

This year, the 4-H Fair held near Charging Home Stampede Park during and in advance of the Celebration of Healing was, by any measure, a true success. Young people were supported by phalanxes of adult volunteers who worked with them to prepare the exhibition barn, food service area and parking around the site.

The events began on Tuesday, July 5, with market animal weigh-ins, followed by project interview judging first thing Wednesday morning. The Exhibit Building opened that day, and the Beef Pre Show was held that evening.

Showmanship and judging came on Thursday, July 7, for beef, swine and sheep while dog, rabbit, poultry and cat showmanship took place Friday morning. All these events led up to the annual 4-H Livestock Auction, with Ryan Perry of Western Livestock Auction officiating the event.

“It was so great to see the community come out and watch the showmanship shows, wander through the animal barns and exhibit building to see what the 4-H members are doing throughout the 4-H year,” Blackfeet MSU Extension Agent. “The support at the Auction was amazing. Thank you everyone for supporting our youth!

“If anyone wants to enroll for 4-H in the new year (October 2022), just call the MSU Blackfeet Extension Office, or message us on the Blackfeet 4-H Facebook page.

This year’s 4-H winners list follows.

Top Rosettes for Interview and Exhibit


Pre-Jr. Exhibit-Kara Rutherford

Jr. Interview-Ava Rutherford

Jr. Exhibit-Ava Rutherford

Sr. Interview-James Green

Sr. Exhibit-Connor Woldstad

Top Exhibit Trophy-Kara Rutherford

Wood Working

Pre Jr. Interview-Kaufman Graham

Pre-Jr. Exhibit-Kaufman Graham 

Jr. Interview-Kaden Kipp

Jr. Exhibit-Kaden Kipp

Sr. Interview-Joslyn Grinsell

Sr. Exhibit-Kayden Hall

Top Exhibit Trophy-Kaufman Graham 


Pre Jr. Interview-Ridge Fitzpatrick 

Pre-Jr. Exhibit-Ridge Fitzpatrick  


Pre Jr. Interview-Karleigh Pepion  

Pre-Jr. Exhibit-Karleigh Pepion  

Top Exhibit Trophy-Karleigh Pepion  


Pre Jr. Interview-Maddie Matt

Jr. Interview-Madison Bird

Jr. Exhibit-Rylie Fritz

Top Exhibit Trophy-Rylie Fritz

Visual Arts

Pre Jr. Interview-Brianna Connolly

Pre-Jr. Exhibit-Brianna Connolly

Jr. Interview-Bradyn Graham

Jr. Exhibit-Bradyn Graham

Sr. Interview-Joslyn Grinsell

Top Exhibit Trophy-Bradyn graham


Jr. Interview-Madison Bird

Jr. Exhibit-Ariel McFadyean

Top Exhibit Trophy-Madison Bird


Pre Jr. Interview-Maddie Matt

Pre-Jr. Exhibit-Shyanna Leon

Jr. Interview-Shania Augare

Jr. Exhibit-Emi Grinsell

Sr. Interview-Sydney Fitzpatrick

Sr. Exhibit-Sydney Fitzpatrick

Top Exhibit Trophy-Sydney Fitzpatrick

Cake Decorating

Jr. Interview-Ami Grinsell

Jr. Exhibit-Emi Grinsell

Top Exhibit Trophy-Ami Grinsell


Jr. Interview Mecca Kipp

Jr. Exhibit Mecca Kipp

Top Exhibit Trophy-Mecca Kipp


Pre Jr. Interview-Mecca Kipp

Pre-Jr. Exhibit-Mecca Kipp

Jr. Interview-Baylee Bird

Jr. Exhibit-Baylee Bird

Top Exhibit Trophy-Mecca Kipp


Pre Jr. Interview-Brooks Bird

Pre-Jr. Exhibit-Iris Loring

Jr. Interview-Fallyn Hedges

Jr. Exhibit-Fallyn Hedges

Sr. Exhibit-Kayden Hall

Top Exhibit Trophy-Fallyn Hedges

Pocket Pet

Pre Jr. Interview-Taile Edwards

Pre-Jr. Exhibit-Karleigh Pepion

Top Exhibit Trophy-Taile Edwards


Pre Jr.Interview-Charley Fritz

Pre-Jr. Exhibit-Charley Fritz

Top Exhibit Trophy-Charley Fritz

Vet Science

Jr. Interview-Taelyn Kuka


Pre Jr. Interview-Dally Michael

Pre-Jr. Exhibit-Dally Michael

Jr. Interview-Wace Williams

Jr. Exhibit-Josephine Michael

Sr. Interview-Bryson Bird

Sr. Exhibit-Eli Green

Top Exhibit Trophy-Eli Green


Pre Jr. Interview-Dally Michael

Pre-Jr. Exhibit-Shyanna Leon


Pre Jr. Interview-Kinsley Bird Rattler

Pre-Jr. Exhibit-John Woldstad

Jr. Interview-Madison Bird

Jr. Exhibit-Bradyn Graham

Top Exhibit Trophy-Bradyn Graham


Jr. Interview-Josephine Michael

Sr. Interview-Kayden Hall

Sr. Exhibit-Kayden Hall

Top Exhibit Trophy-Kayden Hall

Rosettes for Showmanship & Market

Swine Showmanship

Pre Jr. Grand-Charley Fritz

Pre Jr. Reserve-Mecca Kipp

Jr. Grand-Baylee Bird

Jr. Reserve-Madison Bird

Sr. Grand-Ariel McFadyean

Sr. Reserve-Hayden Edwards

Swine Market

Grand-Baylee Bird

Reserve-Mecca Kipp

Sheep Showmanship

Pre Jr. Grand-Emma Monroe

Pre Jr. Reserve-Shyanna Leon

Sheep Market

Grand-Emma Monroe

Reserve-Ethan Monroe

Beef Showmanship

Pre Jr. Grand-Dally Michael 

Jr. Grand-Kaden Kipp

Jr. Reserve-Josephine Michael

Sr. Grand-Bryson Bird

Sr. Reserve-Emily Williams

Beef Market

Grand-Josephine Michael

Reserve-Kallen Fitzpatrick

Dog Showmanship

Novice Grand-Brooks Bird

Novice Reserve-Iris Loring

Rabbit Showmanship

Pre Jr. Grand-Charley Fritz

Poultry Showmanship

Pre Jr, Grand-Mecca Kipp


Swine-Bradyn Graham

Beef-Taylor Calvert

Sheep-Shyanna Leon


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