Outlawz capture team lead

On Tuesday and Wednesday, July 19 and 20, we had our second of three weeks in a row of having two nights of league.

On Wednesday, The Rezzers gave the Outlawz a good fight, but in the end the Outlawz ended up taking the team lead. On Tuesday, 3 Rights and Left team looked like they were going to make a move; then they faltered on Wednesday. Those 3 Rights and a Left are Brian Weatherwax, Cody Boggs, John Dziuba and “Lefty” Ray Boggs. Those Rezzers are Justin ‘Lunch Box” Aimsback, Jonathan “Out for Lunch” Connelly, Koby “Lunch Hour” Redhorn and Sam “Lunch Special” Croff. Those Outlawz are Bill Edwards, Bill Old Chief Jr., Greg “Beef” Tatsey and this Sportswriter. 

On Tuesday, Steven Powell got upset by a sandy sub, Landon Magee; then Koby shot one less than Beasty Racine to win that match. Then Murt Thomas, Stephen Upham and Woody Zuback of the Fighting Trout took down the Dirty Birdies. Ron Gilham beat up on Lil Gary Henderson, but Ron’s supersub, Truman Matt, musta thought that high scores win in golf and he got beat up by Marcus Bear Medicine. 

Some matchups to mention on Wednesday had Lunch Box and The Beef coming down to the wire with Beef overcoming the Box. Then former teammates Beau J Glaze and Brian Weatherwax squared off and Beau J came out golden. In that same foursome Ray Boggs showed no mercy on his son, Morgan Boggs. Also, Dave Gordon and Darry Talks About had a back n forth battle and Davy took the win, and his sub, Isaac Flamand, also took it to Chops Sure Chief, in the same foursome. 

On Tuesday, Frank Harrison IV shot a par round of 36 for the low gross honors. Also, Davy shot a 38 and Frank Harrison III shot a 39. On the sandy side of things, Ed Flamand, Stephen and Woody all shot 31 net scores.

On Wednesday, the gross score of 39 was shot by the one and only Davy Gordon. Then a couple sandy guys shot the low net rounds for the night, being Ryan Hoyt shot a 28 and Alvin Yellow Owl shot a 30.

On Tuesday, the hole prizes were won as follows: Greg Tatsey won the KP in 2 again; the KP in 3 was won by Davy; and the Long Putt was won by Lil Frank. Then Travis Blue took the “Dollar Hole” honors in a chip off.

On Wednesday, the KP on #4 was won by Davy; the KP on #9 was won by Darryl Wayne; the KP in 2 was won by Chops; the KP in 3 was won by Davy; and the Long Putt was won by Virgil Last Star. Then Stephen Upham came out of nowhere to win the “Dollar Hole” in a huge chip off.

Well, this Sportswriter kinda helped the Outlawz climb to the top of the team standings and finally helped myself to the upper tiers of the individual standings. But this Sportswriter has to retire for a little bit and probably the rest of the league season. Heck! So, you guys be good little boys and get those scorecards and hole prizes turned in right away, for whoever (most likely Beef) to pick them up. Be real good little boys and take the hole prize sheet off the pin and put the sheet in the box; then return the pin to the clubhouse.

Team Standings

(After July 20)

Team, Points

Outlawz, 68 

Glacier Peaks Casino, 64 

Siyeh Communications, 63 

Uncoachables, 63 

OC Welding/Fabrication, 60 

A and C Towing, 57 

Harrison Ranch 54 

Chuck’s Paint and Body 52 

The Holey Ones, 50 

Fudd Wreckers, 45 

3 Rights and a Left, 44

Dirty Birdies, 40 

A and C Towing Two, 37

Fighting Trout, 37

Quaranbean Boys, 36 

The Rezzers, 33 

Bozo’s Bombers, 33

Knotted Dogs, 28 

Guardipee Lakers, 20

Top Individual Standings

(After July 20)

Name, Points

Ed Flamand, 18

Bill Edwards, 18

Kyle Sinclair, 16

Alvin Yellow Owl, 16

Darryl Talks About, 15

Chops Sure Chief, 15

Frank Harrison, 15

Steven Powell, 14

George Heavy Runner, 14

Travis Blue, 14

Steven Wagner, 14

Zach Wagner, 14

Aaron Mclean, 13

Kirk Grant, 13

Tim Gordon, 13

Mike Racine, 13

Poor Boy Croff, 13

Mike Augare, 13

Trevor Gray, 13

Wil Horn, 13

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