Kiara Iron Heart and Preston Iron Heart took second and 17th place, respectively, at the Western Classic Cross Country Meet held in Dillon last week. Usual frontrunner Jeremy Bockus came in a few seconds behind Iron Heart for an 18th place finish.

“Kiara Iron Heart did really well, but I’m not surprised,” Coach Roy McNabb said of her placing second. “She’s been making progress steadily since track season. Her off-season training is showing, and it’s the reason for her success. Nobody is out of her league.”

Coach McNabb is also happy with the teamwork on the boys side.

“Jeremy Bockus pulls the team along,” the coach said. “They still compete with each other, but at the end they all say ‘good race,’ and it’s that type of camaraderie that keeps them together. They’re all looking for their last personal best times.”

Coach McNabb said he’s been working his runners on hills but this week is scaling back on the work in preparation for state competition in Missoula this Friday and Saturday.

“We ran the course this year at Mountain West,” McNabb said, “so our times should be better.”

Results from last week’s meet in Dillon follow.

Western “A” Classic

Saturday, October 16

Beaverhead Golf Course

Men’s Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1. Hamilton 15

2. Whitefish 52

3. Columbia Falls 93

4. Polson 111

5. Libby 119

6. Browning 151

Browning JV Boys

32. Trent Old Chief 21:58.0

33. Lebron Omeasoo 22:05.1

34. Taylor Carlson 22:05.3

45. Delbert Blackman 24:42.9

50. Jeff DeRoche 28:47.9

53. Jaden Goss 35:14.5

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1. Hamilton 20

2. Whitefish 72

3. Columbia Falls 98

4. Corvallis 101

5. Beaverhead County 132

6. Polson 134

7. Browning 158

8. Libby 213

9. Ronan 242

10. Stevensville 300

Browning Varsity Boys

17. Preston Iron Heart 18:18.1

18. Jeremy Bockus 18:21.8

24. Jerdan Crawford   18:42.7

48. Jesse Cain 20:13.9

53. Jonathan After Buffalo 20:33.8

57. Phillip Surechief 20:46.1

60. Labraun Shooter 21:05.8

Women’s Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Browning JV Girls

10. Sundai Campbell 31:50.5

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1. Corvallis 51

2. Columbia Falls 61

3. Hamilton 79

4. Whitefish 89

5. Polson 102

6. Beaverhead County 165

7. Browning 174

8. Frenchtown 180

9. Libby 250

Browning Varsity Girls

2. Kiara Iron Heart 19:57.9

30. Mecca Bull Child 23:37.3

46. Jadie Butterfly 25:53.2

53. Shaylee Brown 28:11.6

55. Jade Wippert 28:23.6

57. Amari Calfrobe 28:44.3

58. Rihanna ManyWhiteHorses 29:39.8

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