The highly anticipated 2022 Health Rocks Camp will be held June 6-9, 2022, at Darryl Fenner’s 4-H Camp (Lake Loon) in Big Fork, Mont. This camp is free to youth sixth through eighth grades from Toole County.  All expenses are paid, with lodging and meals included in the fees covered by Alliance for Youth. All campers need to do is bring a good attitude and ready to learn, their sleeping bag, pillow, warm jacket, bath towel and their personal hygiene supplies. Bus transportation will be provided to and from camp, by Northern Transit Authority. We will meet at 8 a.m., on Monday and return Thursday afternoon.

The curriculum for the camp is called Class Action, which is an evidence-based curriculum. The goal of the curriculum is geared towards youth, middle school through high school. It is a nationally recognized alcohol-use prevention program.  

Class Action looks at the real-world social and legal consequences of teen alcohol use and works towards meeting increased awareness of the social consequences of alcohol consumption. The objectives of the curriculum are students will become aware of the legal issues surrounding underage alcohol use, students will recognize underage alcohol use as a communitywide problem, students will discuss and debate the legal intricacies of alcohol-related issues, students will learn about social, emotional, economic and legal consequences of underage alcohol use, student’s norms concerning underage alcohol use will shift in a positive direction. 

Adult chaperones participating are community members that serve various youth organizations in our community and Toole County Alliance for Youth.

Junior counselors will be selected from Shelby High School and North Toole County High Schools, giving each student a chance to earn community service credits for graduation and scholarship applications. Junior Counselors will be required to assist with the curriculum and camp activities. 

The youth will be able to experience a youth camp and be able to enjoy and appreciate additional activities like swimming, canoeing, hiking, arts and crafts, dance parties and outside activities sponsored by MSU Extension. 

Robyn Kimmet, RN, will be coming as our camp nurse and Toole County SRO Officer Josh Uylaki will also attend the camp. This year the camp is open to 15 participants on a first come, first serve basis. All applications will be given to the schools and placed in schools’ offices.  

Junior Counselor applications will be available at the school offices for those youth ninth through 12th grades, that want to be a Junior Counselor teaching, supporting and interacting with youth in a positive manner. Some youth from last year are aging out, so they will be contacted to be Junior Counselors as well. 

Applications will be due by Friday, May 6, 2022, 4 p.m. They can be mailed to Toole County Alliance for Youth, 805 Teton Avenue, Shelby, Mt 59474; or you can drop them off in person. On the applications there will be a section for you to list the medications and those medications will be handled by the Health Rocks Camp Nurse. Additional med sheet might be needed, per RN. They will be directly mailed to each camper and Junior Counselor, for parents to fill out.  

For further information on the camp, please call Mary Miller at 406-564-0294. This camp is sponsored and supported by MSU Extension, Toole County Alliance for Youth, Shelby Public Schools, Sunburst Public Schools, Northern Transit Authority, Toole County Sheriff’s Office and additional grants have been applied through 3Rivers Communications, SCF Sunburst Community Foundation and Edward Jones. A unanimous donation was also awarded for camp sponsorship. 

Toole County Alliance for Youth would like to thank all the partners and scholarships that helped make this camp a reality for our youth in Toole County. Together we make a positive difference in the lives of our youth. Sign up and attend and experience this beautiful camp in the Flathead. Knowledge is powerful! 

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