For many years Montana has been one of the states with the highest numbers of suicides per capita. The past 18 months have made some of our stressors and fears even more acute, making it hard for people struggling to find hope and purpose. It is vital that everyone knows they are not alone in those extremely difficult moments.

The Pondera Mental Health Advisory Board has partnered with the Central Service Area Authority and Logan Health to provide a message of hope and support on I-15. Just outside of Conrad, between the Midway Road and Conrad exits there is a new bilboard that provides information about how to seek out help in the time of a crisis. The messages of “The Strongest Thing You Can Do Is Ask For Help” and “Let’s stop suicide together” are boldly placed at the top and bottom of the sign. In the middle, you can find two of the key contact numbers to reach out if you or a loved one are in need of support:  1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or text: MT to 741 741.

Thousands of people pass by this sign every week and we are hopeful that the lifesaving message and the support that is available, will be just what is needed at just the right time. We are grateful for the strong community partnerships that make these kinds of outreaches possible.

As we look ahead to this holiday season and 2022, let’s all look out for each other, don’t be afraid to ask someone to tell you more about what is going on if they are seeming distant or down. Together we really can make a difference in each other’s lives.

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