Although the season is still young, thus far the Heart Butte Warriors have yet to have suffered a loss. Just before the Christmas break, they played Valier, Dutton-Brady and Cascade on Dec. 17, 20 and 22 respectively. In order, their opponents went down, 79-31, 81-56 and 76-32.

“We were in there from the beginning,” Coach Kellen Hall said of the Valier game. “It was 24-6 in the first quarter, and we kept it fast.”

Thomas Young Running Crane was among the top scorers with 21 points, followed by Riley Reevis with 17 and Joe Murray with 12.

This led to the Dutton-Brady game.

“They’re supposed to be the top team in the conference,” Coach Hall said, “but we let them know where we stood on that.”

Again, the Warriors led big in the first quarter, 18-5, and outscored DB in every quarter following. Riley Reevis had 19 in the game, with Thomas Young Running Crane following at 18, Jude Reevis 18 and Joe Murray with 11 points.

Finally, the Warriors posted a 20-5 lead over Cascade in the first period, presaging their 44-point margin of victory. Thomas Young Running Crane burned up the court at 28 points, followed by Joe Murray and Riley Reevis with 12 and Jude Reevis with 11.

Asked if such unbalanced scores could lead to difficulties in the future, Coach Hall said, “It’s a double-edged sword in that problems could creep in…we want to stay at our level of play. We’ve had very competitive practices. To be our best, we have to be our own competition. We have to make sure we get better.”

This week, the Warriors travel to Sunburst on Friday, Jan. 7, followed by their first home game, hosting Power on Saturday, Jan. 8. That day, the JV girls start at 3 p.m., JV boys at 4:30, varsity girls at 6 p.m. and the varsity boys at 7:30. Then on Tuesday, Jan. 11, they’re off to Rocky Boy.

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