Knowing your overall farm and ranch profitability is more important than ever before. With the rising costs of doing business, and the lackluster commodity prices, it is essential for producers to know what is making money and what is not.  To help, the Pondera County Extension Office and Western Sustain-ability Exchange, along with the Plank Stewardship Initiative, are offering a free enterprise accounting work-shop at Folklore Coffee in Valier on Nov. 4, 11 and 22 from 2-4 p.m.

This program is intended to provide agricultural producers with the tools and guidance necessary to con-duct a full financial analysis of their operation. Through the use of enterprise ac-counting, producers will determine the profitability of their ranch as a whole and on an individual enterprise basis. The program will begin with an initial overview seminar designed to familiarize producers with the basics of enterprise accounting and unit cost of production.

Subsequent meetings will focus on satisfying the needs of individual operators and will be geared towards determining profitability of enterprises within the opera-tion as whole (i.e. cow/calf, heifer development, hay pro-duction, etc.).

This workshop will provide operators with the ability to make informed management decisions based on the profit-ability of individual enter-prises within their ranch business. Enterprise exam-ples include crops, cow/calf, yearlings, hay production, land and heifer development.

The class will be taught by Tris Munsick from PLANK Stewardship Initiative. Tris earned an undergraduate degree in Rangeland Ecology from MSU Bozeman and lat-er a Master’s degree in Ap-plied and Agricultural Eco-nomics from the University of Wyoming. Tris has worked on large and small ranches throughout the western U.S. His combination of academic and real-world knowledge provides ranchers with a well-founded, valuable workshop that is highly ap-plicable to modern-day ranching.

To register for this free workshop please contact Adriane Good at the Pondera County Extension Office by calling 271-4053, emailing adriane.good@montana.edu or Holly Stoltz 229-0279 hstoltz@wsestaff.org.

Attendees can attend in person or online. Please let us know which one works best for you when you register.

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