Brooke Blue, JP BirdRattler, Francis Ground and Taymond Stiffarm approach the green at the tournament in Whitefish. 

“Last week was a whirlwind with five tournaments in eight days,” Browning golf coach Brian Harrell said of the 2022 team. Their efforts encompassed Columbia Falls, Havre, Shelby, Whitefish and Ronan.

Most recently, Brittney Wagner led the girls at Whitefish on Aug. 23 with 101, followed  by Brooke Blue with 112, Joslyn Grinsell 119, Kelcie Connelly 121 and Mariah Gallineaux at 144 strokes. The girls claimed fourth place at 453 strokes. Francis Ground led the boys with 101, followed by Isaac Flammand 103, Chance Hall 105, Keenan Rides At The Door 115 and Taymond Stiffarm with 119 strokes. The boys came in seventh place with 424 total strokes.

At Ronan on Aug. 25, it was Isaac Flammand leading the boys with 84, followed by Francis Ground with 92, Jaylin Aimsback 98, Shandon Wagner 100 and JP Bird Rattler 101 for a ninth place finish at 374 total.

Brooke Blue scored 99, the sole female contender from Browning.

With just a month to go ahead of divisional competition at the end of September, Coach Harrell is happy with his team’s performance so far.

“We played on some really nice courses and everyone is getting better,” Coach Harrell said. “It’s going really well.”

This week, the varsity golfers travel to Frenchtown and the King Ranch for a tournament that starts at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 1.

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