Gillespie files for District 3 commissioner

Bruce “Butch” Gillespie

With sincere enthusiasm I am proud to be representing you during the current session of the Montana Legislature.

As the 68th legislative session begins, I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues and the governor on several key initiatives.

One of the committees I am privileged to serve on is the Business, Labor and Economic Affairs Committee. We have already reviewed many of the governor’s red-tape initiatives. We are in the process of identifying and reviewing outdated government rules, regulations and oversight. We will examine whether existing laws will be eliminated or brought into a current form that is useful; too many are not cost effective or have outlived their usefulness in today’s world.

The goal is a more effective and efficient state government that allows us to better do our jobs, live our lives and provide for our families and future.

This session I am proud to serve as vice chair of the Senate Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Committee. This committee is extra important to you in District 9, as well as the state of Montana. Agriculture is our No. 1 economic driver.

Our land and water is our livelihood. We must take action to further protect and safeguard our livestock and precious resources. Presently in the Natural Resources Committee, of which I am a member, we are debating the future of the Water Court. I am communicating daily with water users in District 9 to come up with better language for Senate Bill 72. This also involves the Department of Natural Resources (DNRC). Negotiations have been ongoing and we are working for a positive outcome for all.

I did just get a bill through the Senate Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Committee on behalf of the Livestock Loss Board. This Legislation helps livestock owners who lose livestock to grizzly bears, wolves and cougars.

I appreciate your trust in me to be your voice in this legislative session and encourage you to be watchful on the issues that are most important to you.

State Sen. Bruce ‘Butch’ Gillespie, a Republican, serves the Ninth District of the Montana Senate.

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